premier drums to identify

  1. S

    Help Identifying My Premier Kit

    I got this kit a couple of years ago. I'd like to find out what it is exactly. Want to put a Period correct bass drum head on it for starters. The guy that sold it to me said it was a late 70's or early 80's kit based on the black sparkle finish, but the badge puts it in the late 80's or...
  2. breakthecycle128

    Please help identify Premier snare

    I purchased this shell with the lugs at Forks drum closet in Nashville in their tent sale for $40. I took it home, put it together with tension rods and new hoops.. It sounds absolutely incredible. I'm playing a 8x14 starclassic g-maple as my primary snare, and this drum, though a different...
  3. S

    2nd Hand Premier Cabria kit

    Hi, I'm selling my Premier Cabria APK kit that I've had for about 4 years. It's 22", 16", 12" with a 14" snare in red wood wrap. It's in great condition considering it's been constantly gigged, and I've been offered £300 for it. I've seen some similar kits for sale at nearer the £500 mark, but...
  4. A

    Union Jack Premier Kit?

    Hey everyone, I'm new so I'm not sure how this works but i've got a question. I purchased a Union Jack Premier Kit a while back probably in 99 or 98, I think it may be a maple kit... other than that I'm really not sure. I've been wanting to find out more about this kit for awhile. Anyone know...
  5. M

    Help identify a Premier drum set

    Got a Premier drum set 3 pieces (belived to be birch) with transparent lacquer finish 22/13/16 and chrome 8 lug snare. Black interiors on the 3 drums. Need to know model number, approximate age of manufacturer, and any other useable information or approximate value of the drums. The badges on...
  6. S

    help me figure out my Premier kit

    Hey everybody, I just bought a Premier drum kit, and I can not for the life of me figure out its model . I have looked at some of the Premier Badge guides online, and my badge does not exactly match any of them...:( Ive put a bunch of photos up on my Google picture page...
  7. G

    Help me identify these Premier Drums

    Hi, So I am interested in buying a drumset from someone, and they gave me these pictures. They know that they are the Premier line of drums, but they don't know which model - ie, Signia, XPK, Artist, Maple Classic, etc. As far as I know, Premier doesn't particularly mark their drums that...