premier cabria xpk apk

  1. M

    Premier Cabria new kit

    hi all just wanted some thoughts of the kit below. the seller said that it is maple shells, and a fusion jazz size kit, and that it is available for £275 is it good for the money/sound good/ will last a while. Thanks
  2. S

    Screw broken, bad news or easy to fix?

    Hi! I bought the last month an used Premier xpk 90s, and I have this situation (photos). Is needed to use a drill with a small wick? Thanks a lot!
  3. S

    Pearl Air Suspension feet for my floor tom legs

    Hello all, I wanna buy this 3 feet for my floor tom. The size is 3/8 inch (9.5mm) and my tom legs are 11.5mm diam (maybe 4,5 inch). Have some used it? Is it compatible for my tom legs? my floortom: Thanks!
  4. S

    is it a true Premier XPK 90's ?

    Hello, Im looking for your opinion about this drum set, I cant see the serial number and the details, is a really xpk 90s? Can you recommend it for an amateur use?
  5. C

    Premier XPK Performance Series

    good I am ready to buy this kit premier XPK Stage 22 Redfade performance series configuration Pre-configured shell packs Choice of two exciting shell options: - American maple. 5.6mm 7-ply un-supported shells 3mm undersize (tom and floor toms) Internally lacquered shell Iconic Genista Diamond...
  6. crevlett

    My Premier Kit

    I've had this kit for a couple years but I don't know a whole lot about it. The mounted tom sizes are 10" 12" and 14" and the bass drum is 22". The snare is off brand. I am wondering what series drum set this is. I think it might be an XPK but I'm not sure. I am thinking about selling it...