new drum kit help please

  1. M

    Drum kit help

    Hi, thoughts on this kit many thanks
  2. M

    Premier Cabria new kit

    hi all just wanted some thoughts of the kit below. the seller said that it is maple shells, and a fusion jazz size kit, and that it is available for £275 is it good for the money/sound good/ will last a while. Thanks
  3. B

    Advice on buying a new drum kit

    Hello everyone, I've been reading the forums here for a while but this is my first post. Thanks in advance to anyone that reads this and posts some advice. I've been playing drums for coming up on three years now and I feel like it's about time I got a new kit. I currently have a 4-piece CB SP...
  4. BlueSky

    Question about moving my kit around

    Hey all, new here, VERY new to the world of drumming, and have what might be an ignorant question.... I have a Pearl Rhythm Traveler, and its permanent home is in my husband and I's bedroom - the only place in the house it would "fit". I know that some drum kits are designed to be dismantled...
  5. R

    What Pro Kit Should I Buy?

    Hi guys, Here's hoping somebody can give me some advice. Thanks in advance :) I'm a 19-year-old conservatory student in Amsterdam. I'm fairly new to playing professionally and found that the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau I got 5 years ago (on my fourteenth birthday) just doesn't cut...
  6. B

    Tama Superstar Hyper-drive kit or Yamaha Stage Custom...Need Help!!!!

    Hey I'm on the verge of buying a second set and I want to know your opinion before I buy. I've always been a fan of Tama and Yamaha. The Hyper-drive kits offer the ability to place toms where I like them, nice and close to the snare drum and also low enough to where I sit above the toms and...
  7. D

    New drum kit help please!

    Hey, im drunknfunky and this is my first post in the forums. Im looking for a drum kit for metal/rock use, it’s my first one and i have no idea about kits to be honest =/. I have a budget of £235+any more i can save up! So all i want really is a drum kit for £235, i would like it to have 2 bass...