moeller method secrets

  1. C

    How To Hold Your Drumsticks (Beginner Drum Lesson)

    Stick Control, Moeller Technique, Finger Technique? I'm showing you NONE of those. I'm going back to the basics, and going over How To Hold Your Drumsticks Properly.
  2. D

    Using Moeller for groove

    Toni Cannelli using Moeller type technique for hi hat and ride.
  3. Z

    Ludwig Superclassic 1967 and acrolite rocks

    Hi, 70's Ludwig drums and Black beauty snare drum are my favorite in my drum gear, but I love also 60 drums and acrolite snare, especially for heavy rock drumming
  4. Z

    1972 Rogers (24 inch BD) and 1978 Black beauty 14x6,5

    Hi, this is my 1972 Rogers drum set, 24,12,13,16 and my 70's Black beauty 14x6,5, recorded only with zoom Q2 i 3 different places.I hope you will like it Bye
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    Moeller Technique facebook group

    A facebook group about Moeller Technique, check it out
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    summer practicing:))
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    a group called Moeller Technique

    a facebook group about Moeller Technique
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    2+2=4 Drum Method (facebook page), 16 free pages between pictures!
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    Moeller Technique accents on singles (no fingering)
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    Moeller Technique Pad Solo
  11. mikeveny

    Moeller Method Secrets Review

    Hello fellow drummers, I just got my Moeller Method Secrets DVD in the mail today. I watched it with a drum pad in front of me and was quite surprised. The video is pretty thorough in how it explains the Moeller technique. It doesn't an excellent of demonstrating the Moeller stroke in slow...