microphone and recording

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    Drum Microphones

    Hey! I was wondering what microphones to get to record my kit, if you need any specs about my kit ill be happy to give you them! Thanks in advance, Sam
  2. T

    Jazz Bass Drum Microphone??

    As long as I have been drumming, I've never needed to get involved with the electronics side of things, including mics... usually there are sound guys who just set stuff up and make it sound good, and I've never had to be involved. I'm a freelance player and usually gig 4-5 times per week...
  3. N

    Budget of $300 for 3 microphones

    I need a kick drum mic and two overheads. I can only afford three microphones right now and plan on using the "recorderman" technique with the two overhead mic. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm new to the forum and so far everyone has been super cool. Thanks
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    Where to place 3 microphones?

    I have a four channel mixer and room for 3 microphones. I have a four-piece kit (snare tom floor bass) with hihat, two crashes and a ride. I was wondering what the best combo and placement would be. I'm guessing one of the channels should be for the bass drum but I'm not sure about the other...
  5. K

    Overhead Mics?

    So I'm just starting to build up my mic collection to mic my kit. I've got an SM57 on the snare, a D6 on the kick, and an Apex 540 as kind of a close to the kit room mic. I'm looking to pick up a pair of overheads, but need some advice as to which ones to buy. My budget is around $700, give or...
  6. J

    Minimal drum mic setup

    My roommate and I are planning on recording a few songs in january and I need to buy mics for my kit. I'm in college so I obviously don't have a big budget but I was thinking of buying a package that comes with the AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic and the Shure SM57 Mic plus stands and cables. It costs...
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    Mixer w/ 7+ mic inputs & cheap?

    Hey guys, I'm looking into recording my drums and I have a good idea about what I need. I'll be getting a 7-mic pack (1 Bass, 4 dynamic for snare/tom, 2 condenser) for $265 but most of the mixers I've seen that have 7 or more mic inputs cost well over $400. I am planning on using an ART MX821...
  8. D

    How can I improve recording?

    I recently recorded and uploaded a video of me drumming to YouTube. The problem is the quality at which the video comes out, I'm only using an iPod 4 which has a tiny microphone and struggles recording the drums and especially the cymbals which cause lots of distortion. Is there anybody who...
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    Microphone/recording setup

    Hey All, I don't know anything about mics/sound boards/recording equip etc.. and I'm looking to set up some mics that will record what I play to my computer. I have a 7 peice kit with 15 cymbals. Can anyone point me in the right direction?? what equipment do I need/software etc. (around...