1. ayoungethan

    You can only have three snare drums...

    ...and before we assess whether that snapping sound is in fact strainers engaging, or...please feel free to consider this a hypothetical for yourself and others. It isn't for me, tho. I am not a drummer. More of a composer and songwriter. But getting back into the drum kit bc that's a lot of...
  2. drumkid88

    I haven't posted in like 10 years. Here's my Pearls

    Pearl Masters Custom MMX in Sunrise Fade Pearl Session Studio SBX in Blue Burst (12x9 tom not shown)
  3. S

    Walnut / Maple Step Stave 14x7 Snare Drum!

    Check out my new AVA Snare Drum! It's a 14x7 Step Stave Walnut / Maple snare. 1" Thick walnut with 1/2" thick maple staves. 4 1/2" tube lugs, die cast hoops, trick throw off and more! 3/16" round over to 30 degree bearing edges and super wide snare beds... this snare is a dream come true for...
  4. HampusMagasin


    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 7x14 vs Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14 Think you can hear a difference between an aluminium and a maple drum? Well, Imade a blind test for you all! The answer will be posted in this thread tomorrow :) Tell me which one is your favourite!!
  5. J

    I'm looking to buy a new drum set

    Hey all. I am looking to buy a new drumset and one that has been looking good is the "Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple Fusion Limited Edition Shell Pack" it has a great finish and the price is also great at 500$ I have also been looking at a pearl export and a pdp fs series what does everyone think...
  6. louisdrums

    Pro M or Catalina Maple !? Help.

    Hey, I'm stuck in a situation stickier than sticky the stick insect stuck on a really sticky bun. Sorry just had to say that!! I play funk, rock and a bit indie stuff. I want the kit to last long. I know that you get the hardware with the pro m which is also good. I have heard great comments on...
  7. G

    Starclassic Vs. Force 3007

    I'm looking for a new set. I'm caught between a Starclassic Performer set from 2003, 100% Birch i think. It's a 6 piece shell pack; 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", 24" (no snare). It's about 1500$. and... A Sonor Force 3007, Automn fade. 5 pieces; 10", 12", 16", 14" and 22" (inclu. snare). This one...
  8. D

    My new Yamaha MCA: Is this normal?

    This is the bassdrum of my brandnew MCA - but as you can see on the pictures there are quiet a few scratches on it... Is this normal for a new set? Or should I complain? Is it due to the Vintage Finish? I must say that I am a bit disappointed, since I take good care of my kits and my ten year...
  9. D

    I don't want to go on vacation: My new Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

    Poor image quality, bad lighting, only mobile phone pics, drumset not set up properly, but... I just had to show them to you! The first pics of my new and long-awaited Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute! I've been wanting this kit for eight years now and about half a year ago I finally placed the...
  10. S

    Identify this Gretsch Kit

    Got a great deal on a Gretsch kit off craigslist from a kid that didn't know what he had. Now I'm the owner of that kit and I still don't quite know what I've got... The prior owner said this kit was 6-8 years old. It appears to be maple in a deep red lacquer finish with natural hoops on the...