ludwig black beauty snare

  1. A

    New Black Beauty, No Serial

    Okay, so, I used a sale as an excuse to throw money at a Ludwig Black Beauty about a month ago. Over the past week, out of curiosity, I started checking the serial numbers on my cymbals and drums just to estimate their age, but when I got to the BB there was no serial number on the badge. It's a...
  2. S

    Puresound snare wires fro Black beauty

    Hello again! I've never changed the wires of my blackbeauty snare, it's new for me!! So Im looking for on amazon a great model, and I found the "Puresound Custom Pro BRASS 24 strand". What about 24 brass sound on the snare? or 30 strand??? This is the boss: Thanks!
  3. M

    Any reasons why I SHOULDN'T get a Black Beauty?

    As the title suggests, I'm on the brink of biting the bullet and getting a (new) Black Beauty. In my case it'll be a 14"x6.5" with tube lugs. I figure if I'm going to go big on a snare, I may as well go all in and get one I'm unlikely to ever feel the need to upgrade, and one that, if I look...
  4. D

    70s Ludwig Black Beauty

    One of my all time favourite snares is my 1979 Black Beauty . Regards Toni Cannelli
  5. Demonslayer

    Ludwig Bronze Piccolo - A good buy?

    Looking for way to expand my Ludwig collection, I've been eying the metal piccolo drums. I currently have a Pork Pie Squealer 5"x12" that is a fairly effective power piccolo, but it kind of chokes on me when I go full backbeat, which is something that has not happened to me with any of my...
  6. D

    Ludwig Black Beauty B-Stock

    I just bought a Ludwig BB. In the listing it did not say it was b-stock and the picture showed the a-stock badge so I bought it. When it arrived today it had a b-stock badge but the serial number block is NOT cut off and has no numbers in it. I'm confused as to what I have. Everything I've ever...
  7. D

    Ludwig vs Fibes snare check.

    Toni Cannelli compares two Classic 70s snare drums.
  8. Z

    1950 Gretsch, 1969 Ludwig Orange, 1978 Black beauty, and 30's Slingerland Radioking

    Hi, in this video I play my Gretsch drum set dated 1950, and a 1978 Black beauty super sensitive 14x5 And in this video I play my Ludwig orange set, with a killer slingerland radioking 14x7 solid maple shell
  9. Z

    1972 Rogers (24 inch BD) and 1978 Black beauty 14x6,5

    Hi, this is my 1972 Rogers drum set, 24,12,13,16 and my 70's Black beauty 14x6,5, recorded only with zoom Q2 i 3 different places.I hope you will like it Bye
  10. Z

    24'' Ludwig Vintage bass drum

    Hi, what do you think about my 70's 14x6,5 Black beauty? it's my favorite snare, I love 70's ludwigs, especially 24' 3 ply bass drum
  11. A

    N&C SS or Ludwig BB?

    Hello all my fellow drummers. I've got a lot of thinking to do, and I decided to ask some of your opinions. See, I've got a bit of a dilemma sort of thing going on. I've been looking for a new snare for some four years. During these years I've tried out a bunch of snares, some nice, some not so...
  12. P

    Pork Pie Versus Ludwig: Underdog versus Tradition

    So I know that Supraphonics are considered to be standard studio/live drums, and that the famous Bonham and Starr have used them, furthering their popularity in the drumming world... But I've come across another company that seems to be just as comparable. Pork Pie, a company I just found out...
  13. J

    Vintage Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

    I'm in the market for a 6.5 x 14 Ludwig Black Beauty. I'm not sure if I want to go new or try to find a good vintage (70's-80s era) model. I have a few questions. I'm hoping that someone can help educate me. Is it true that the older models were heavier than the new Black Beauty? 12 lbs vs 6...
  14. L

    Black Beauty - Making it sound the best it can be.

    Hi All I am the proud owner of a Ludwig Black Beauty LB417T in the last week or so and so far am pretty happy with my purchase. I am keen to get the best sound out of the purchase and wondering what tunings, heads and strainer you all may have used to get the best out of your unit. The setup...
  15. M

    Is Ludwig 5.5 Black Beauty Snare good for metal

    I play like thrash metal a 5.5X14 good for metal or no...
  16. V

    Is this a Black Beauty

    I'm sorry if this sounds stupid but i don't have any ludwig experience and i got a good deal for this snare. So is this a black beauty? Tnx
  17. S

    Mark Rios Drumsolo #2

    This was recorded on halloween 10/31/09 in the woods on an iphone, it breaks up a little in the middle from too much volume, but most of it is there, hope you enjoy it , I did!