ludwig acrolite snare

  1. M

    Ludwig Build Quality???

    Crazy about the Ludwig acrolite sound, I paid a lot more for the brand new lm405c in China than in USA . But the build quality is too bad, the surface with a few flaws, the triple flanged hoop has a deformation, inside the drum shell is very dirty. Never happen on...
  2. M

    ludwig acrolite lm404 lm405

    Recently I acquired an aluminum shell in an attempt to replicate the sound of a Ludwig Acrolite, but the overtones are quite heavy. What makes the Acrolite sound so dry? Is it due to the bearing edges and snare bed? Also, I heard that the Acrolite is made of an aluminum-zinc alloy. Does anyone...
  3. O

    Dry heads for ludwig blackrolite acrolite snare?

    Hi. I am thinking about getting a 14x5 Ludwig Black Galaxy Acrolite aka The Blackrolite. I normally go for the vented evans dry heads and I had this on a Tama Starphonic steel and it got rid of overtones and ring....which is what I like. I don't want all that fuzz n buzz going on! I've read a...
  4. batakero

    Can someone help me to find out the year of my snare

    Hi, felas, Mi name is Sam, I'm from Mexico and I'm sorry for my bad english. Well here is the deal. I have a Ludwig Acrolite 14x5 (Not shure if its 5" or 5 1/2") so I was reading about this snares and I just want to know if my snare is a vintage snare or its just a normal snare with nothing in...
  5. Z

    Ludwig Superclassic 1967 and acrolite rocks

    Hi, 70's Ludwig drums and Black beauty snare drum are my favorite in my drum gear, but I love also 60 drums and acrolite snare, especially for heavy rock drumming
  6. J

    Brand New '80-'81 Acrolite

    Hey everyone, first time post. I need your opinion. A guy here in Minnesota has not one, but two BRAND NEW, never played acrolites with the original stands that he bought at an estate sale from a guy that was a music teacher at a high school. They are still in the original boxes with all the...
  7. L

    10-lug Black Galaxy Acrolite 404

    I just picked up a 10-lug Black Galaxy Acrolite 404 (5 x 14). It also has a new-school keystone badge rather than the black/white badge. Apparently there were only 200 of these drums made. Is this correct? Can anyone shed some more light on the history of this drum? Are they valuable...
  8. drumhedd

    Ludwig Acrolite Classic and Ltd. Edition!

    O_o Well, well, well! Based on the list prices, retail for the Classics will be roughly the same as the Blackros! IMO the Ltd. is lame. Brushed hardware is cool, but it should really come with a...
  9. cobamnator

    What Size Tube Lugs?

    I have a Ludwig 5 x 14" Acrolite Snare. I want to upgrade the original lugs to Tube Lugs. However, what size tube lugs do I need (to fit the pre-drilled holes in the shell perfectly)? Would this switch have any bearing on the tone, resonance, or sensitivity of this drum? Btw, where is the...