ludwig 6.5x14 snare drum

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    Blue Olive badge (Fact. Ex.) on new Ludwig Black Beauty

    Hi all, I purchased a Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6,5" snare recently. It has a blue/olive badge but is new. AFAIK Ludwig only produces keystone badge versions nowadays. I'd love to find out the story behind the B/O badge on this new BB. The box said "Fact. Ex.", does anyone know what this means...
  2. A

    New Black Beauty, No Serial

    Okay, so, I used a sale as an excuse to throw money at a Ludwig Black Beauty about a month ago. Over the past week, out of curiosity, I started checking the serial numbers on my cymbals and drums just to estimate their age, but when I got to the BB there was no serial number on the badge. It's a...
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    Ludwig acrolite black Galaxy 6.5"

    Hello people of drummerworld! long time reader of the forum but only just taken the plunge and joined, so I apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong place.. Anyway, I've been looking for a 14x6.5 black Galaxy acrolite over here in the UK for a while and finally managed to order one from A...
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    Any reasons why I SHOULDN'T get a Black Beauty?

    As the title suggests, I'm on the brink of biting the bullet and getting a (new) Black Beauty. In my case it'll be a 14"x6.5" with tube lugs. I figure if I'm going to go big on a snare, I may as well go all in and get one I'm unlikely to ever feel the need to upgrade, and one that, if I look...
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    1972 Rogers (24 inch BD) and 1978 Black beauty 14x6,5

    Hi, this is my 1972 Rogers drum set, 24,12,13,16 and my 70's Black beauty 14x6,5, recorded only with zoom Q2 i 3 different places.I hope you will like it Bye
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    24'' Ludwig Vintage bass drum

    Hi, what do you think about my 70's 14x6,5 Black beauty? it's my favorite snare, I love 70's ludwigs, especially 24' 3 ply bass drum
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    Ludwig Black Beauty Road test
  8. D

    Ludwig Black Beauty Road test

    I bought this drum in 1977, it still sounds amazing (see video ) what snare drum do you use?
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    Heads and snare combination for Ludwig bronze snare

    My local Ludwig dealer has a bronze 14 - 6.5 snare (LB552KT) I must have. I'm looking to upgrade the heads and snare wires immediately. Would like to know anyone's experiences of what works successfully. I play mainly jazz and blues.
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    Vintage Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

    I'm in the market for a 6.5 x 14 Ludwig Black Beauty. I'm not sure if I want to go new or try to find a good vintage (70's-80s era) model. I have a few questions. I'm hoping that someone can help educate me. Is it true that the older models were heavier than the new Black Beauty? 12 lbs vs 6...
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    Which Heads Should I use

    Hi ive been trying to figure out something. i have a 4 piece ludwig drum kit. i rack tom 1 floor snare and bass drum. i can never get my snare drum to make the sound i want its 6.5" by 14" . i want to make it sound as much like bonhams sound as possible and i only use remo heads. would a coated...