gretsch renown maple

  1. D

    Calling All Gretsch Renown Owners...

    I've been itching for a new kit for a while now. For years now I've been playing my PDP X7 kit (the first release poplar ones, not maple) and am just kinda fed up with the tone of the drums. The soft wood really doesn't do it for me. It doesn't resonate very well, and I don't think the drums...
  2. G


    Hey everyone! im new to drummerworld, and this is my first post. I just got a new kit and i am SOOOO excited. its a gretsch renown. its a five piece and i love it. i need help on what the color. and what year it is//if anybody could help that would be awesome :) more pics coming soon
  3. Kobld

    Gretsch Renown - thinking about buying

    Went into Guitar Center and played the Gretsch Marquee Series, which is very similar (correct me if I'm wrong), to the renown, The kit is up for like $1300 and I figure I may as well get a renown if I'm gonna fork out that kind of cash. I just looked on ebay and found this...
  4. R

    Help: Mid-range drum search with 24" bass

    Hey guys, new to the drum forum here and in need of your advice. I recently found out that I'm finally in the market to upgrade my impossible to tune beginner set. I've been playing a traditional 4 piece for a while and want to upgrade to a set for under 2k with a 24" bass drum. Right now I'm...
  5. S

    Me (self-taught) Performing a Drum/Piano/Saxophone Cover! Hey everyone :) It is Shelbie Rassler performing a piano/drum/alto saxophone cover of the hit song "Set Fire To The Rain" by the amazing Adele. This is my first time working with my new drum microphones and overlapping multiple instruments. Please let...
  6. SharkyBait911

    Super Limited Edition or not ???

    Hi Guys, I've got a Gretsch Renown Maple Limited Edition 6 Piece in Dimond Fire wrap, and ive wondered how Limited Edition is really is. I havn't found many on the net and i really want to know, so if there are any Gretsch Enthusiastis who know or anyone please let me know. CHEERS ! If anyone...
  7. S

    Gretsch Renown and New Classic

    hey can somebody explain the differences between Gretsch Renown Maple and Gretsch New Classic please. Thanks : )
  8. Music is Awesome

    Help Please

    I need to know your opinion. Should I: 1) Spend all my money on either a Tama Hyper drive kit or Catalina Maple kit. OR 2) Just what how ever long it takes to save up enough money to get a great kit (ex. Gretsch Renown, Tama Starclassic, Pearl Masters). Take into consideration that I am 13 and...
  9. C

    Can't fit tom mics on Gretsch Renown Maple toms? Help!

    This is my first new threat on the DrummerWorld forum, and I've got a problem. I just picked up a Gretsch Renown Maple kit (which is AWESOME btw), but I can't clip my mics to the toms. I have Sennheiser e604 drum mics which worked great for my previous kit, but there isn't enough room between...