gretsch catalina jazz

  1. D

    Best Intermediate Jazz Kit

    I've been drumming for a long time but not studied hard into any particular style, just played whatever sounded good. I started by learning basic rock grooves like four on the floor and then developed them into more funky/jazzy rhythms but recently I've started getting more and more into jazz...
  2. Y

    PS3 does not fit properly on my Gretsch Catalina Jazz 18" kick (Version 2014)

    Hi Just bought a new PS3 head for my new 18" Gretsch Cataline Club Jazz kit. Problem is that PS3 does not fit properly inside the kickdrum hoop, so tuning becomes very difficult. There is a little extra edge on PS3 ( see pictures). The original head does not have that edge. The kickdrum hoop...
  3. J

    Downsizing - questions about bop size bass drums

    I play a birch Pearl Vision (24/12/13/16) and I really like the sound, and when I lived in Canada it was less of an issue to lug the kit around for gigs as we had a van. Now I live in London and although I brought the big kit with me I am looking to get a smaller kit for gigging that will...
  4. Jazz+Ska!

    New jazz drums help...

    I know it seems like there are a million "This Kit" versus "This Kit" threads, but I do need some help... I have played my current set for some time, and I am looking to upgrade. I am saving up money, and will have about a thousand dollars to spend, probably a little more. Obviously, I am...
  5. Music is Awesome

    Cat Club Jazz.

    I'm just testing the waters here but how much would you pay for a Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Kit in a white marine finish with cases included. The only "damage" to the kit is the normal marks on the bass drum hoop from the pedal.
  6. J

    Zildjian or AA Meinl

    I am currently waiting to recieve a Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz in Walnut Glaze. Which is only costing me £388 brand new. And i cant decide which cymbals to get should i get the Zildjian K Customs, in particular the 20 inch hybrid ride. Or the AA Meinl Traditional Byzance? Is there actually...
  7. witchcraftery

    Gretsch Maple for Gretsch Cat. Jazz

    Dear internet, I've been playing drums for 8 years, and I'm starting to resent my 6 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple. I'm thinking about trading it for a Gretsch catalina jazz. Why? I like the simplicity of the kit. The drums look nice as well. It just seems like everytime I read about a...