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    Funk Fills Chapter 09

    Hello! Follow the Duty GF chapter 09!! I'll be releasing soon a DVD of Duty GF turned into funk that will contain the scores a bonus material on the pedal resistance and also come with an audio Playalong so you can apply the face. If you are...
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    Video: Learn Funk Fills cap 08

    Tell everybody! Well I'm here to show you a video about funk fills ... I hope you enjoy! Link: Comment!
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    Funk Fills Chapter 07 - Returning

    Hello! Well I'm bringing back fills for you! It took me to post because I was working on a cd ..... Ma here is the link! Comment! hugs!
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    Video! Funk Fills Part 06

    Hey everybody! Well I'm here with my last video of the year with Funk Fills hope you enjoy! Link: And to wish you a Happy New Year filled with happiness and lots of drums! Review the video on youtube and leave a message and also Happy New Year! hehe...
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    Learn Funk Fills!!! PART 03 (07/12/2010)

    Hello everybody! As he had spoken will be putting what I call the "Duty GF Urgent" on the funk fills every week ... And now stay with the third shift .... Link: I hope in some way, be helping you. Subscribe to my youtube channel and comment! Thanks!
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    Learn Funk Fills!!! PART 02

    Hello everybody! I'm here to contiunes with the second part of fills .... Hope you enjoy and comment! link: Note: If you can comment and subscribe to my channel on youtube! grateful!
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    Video: Learn Funk Fills

    This video will have several chapters, showing step by step face of all styles. Sign up on my channel and comment. Thank You!!!