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  1. T

    Heel-Up Drum Pedal

    Hi, I'm considering designing and developing a prototype for a bass pedal which will make drumming with the heel-up technique more comfortable. If you're interested then can you fill out my survey please :) Or just post any comments on this thread.
  2. C

    Tips for controlling the rebound at high tempos.

    Hi, I've been playing double bass for 2 years now, and I'm able to play double bass without triggers and loud enough to hear at 230bpm. But when I try to go any faster than 230 I simply can't control the rebound. It's like the beater just sticks to the head. I'm playing heels up (mostly ankles)...
  3. Kappy

    Foot Pedal :: Too Painful

    Hey, everyone! I have a quick question: I've got a Tama kit and when I play my foot tends to get serious pain in the tibia's ankle joint area after 5min straight playing and I cannot figure out what it is. Is it the angle of the pedal? Seat posture? Foot posture? Don't know! I've been...
  4. D

    mutiple foot strokes while 8th notes on hihat

    Hello drummers, I play drums for about 12 years now and in the last months I focused on multiple foot strokes on the kick drum with heel toe technique. Up to now I can incorporate sixtheenth notes in groups of 2,3 and 4 with my right foot in normal funk grooves (quarter notes =110). I have...
  5. S

    Single pedal adjustment - Help really needed

    Hello fellow drummers. I'm fairly new to this forum and have read some interesting posts and now I need to ask some advice or suggestions. Firstly, way back in the 60s I based my drumming style on Don Brewer of GFR and have always boasted a quick bass pedal. I took nearly 30 years off but am...
  6. S

    Single Bass Drum Workout

    I thought I share a single bass drum workout for anyone interested but tired of using the mighty search feature and scrolling through 1000's of "how can I play play super ultra fast at double bass @560bpm right now Im stuck at 160bpm!!!" There's nothing wrong with using a double pedal, but...
  7. randrade89

    Exercises for developing foot technique

    Can anyone recommend me any? I don't really know many exercises for working on this...