drumsticks and drumming

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    Drumstick Trick People! What's good?

    Hey Everyone! Not sure why, but I never fully got into the drumstick trick world, even when I was starting out as a kid. Now I want to see what's good with them and find out all your recommendations. Types, applications, video tutorials, etc. I filmed myself doing the classic twirl in...
  2. G

    I built a snare from 168 broken drumsticks

    I am so happy with it. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am_OXcjttQ0
  3. C

    How To Hold Your Drumsticks (Beginner Drum Lesson)

    Stick Control, Moeller Technique, Finger Technique? I'm showing you NONE of those. I'm going back to the basics, and going over How To Hold Your Drumsticks Properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1zLsk-YoEQ
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    Candy Cane Drumsticks

    So I know it is not the most normal thing but my school often tapes our drumsticks during marching season so now it has become second nature to tape sticks to look a specific way for effect or to help the drumline match a theme for the show. I wanted to do this with a pair of sticks for to make...
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    RockStix 2 - Colour Change LED Light Up Drumsticks

    Hello, I have signed up and posted to let you know about the new RockStix2 Colour Change Drumsticks (sorry if this is posted in the wrong place). These sticks are Motion Activated and using RGB LEDs light up and change colour every time you hit the drums. They cycle through 7 Colours (Neon...
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    Jazz Drummers - a few questions?

    For my GCSE in Product Design, I have decided to make a drumstick which functions as a brush and a drumstick. It would have different ends you could screw in for drumming or using brushes. (eg. you could screw in a brush end for light jazz and screw in a drumstick end for heavier drumming.)...