double bass drum pedals

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    Hi guys

    I need help, this is driving me insane. I just purchased some Tama Speed Cobra 310 double pedals. I have no experience with double bass pedals, let alone how they are supposed to feel. I looked around online and choose these as I know Tama is a reputable brand. So I think the positioning of...
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    speed cobra 310 vs 910..

    I'm looking to buy a good double bass pedal... I just came across the new 310 series speed cobras. I've played 910 series and i know its AWESOME but cant afford it! Can someone tell me what's the difference between both of them "playing wise". and I'm also considering pearl demonator p-932...
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    Johan Martinsson channel

    My name is Johan Martinsson and I play drums. In my channel i mostly upload drum covers and drum lessons. Johan Martinsson channel:
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    any differences on DW5000AD vs 9000 on AD setting?

    at first before learning more on the difference between ACC and turbo models I tried the 9000(set on turbo likely) and liked how smooth they were but since it was my first kit I felt like I needed a little weight/resistance so I got the 5000 accelerator considering it was similar to pedals ive...
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    Looking for a new pedal

    Hello I am new to the forum. I just need some possible advice on something. I have about $500 to spend on a double bass pedal. I play left handed so specialized pedals are sort of hard to come by. I want to know what you guys think I should go with. The regular Axis pedals since I can't find...
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    Double bass drumming 190-210 BPM

    Check out my new video Double bass drumming 190-210 BPM:
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    choosing double bass drum pedal !NEED HELP!

    please tell me what do you think is the best of these three:PDP SP502-Gibraltar Avenger 6611DB or Sonor DP-472R DOUBLE PEDAL thanks in advance !!