death metal drumming

  1. Shortsman86

    Tricky Death Metal Drumming!

    This is the opening track of our new album and I think it's the most "straight forward" song of the album! It has a lot of juice though! A ton of interesting details to digest! ;)
  2. F

    Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting - Drum Cover Brain Drill ''Apocalyptic Feasting'' Drum Cover. Taken from the album ''Apocalyptic Feasting'' 2006 - 2008. I proudly endorse: Vratim drum shoes and apparel Cheers!
  3. J

    Hybrid Technique, Left Hand Blast Aspiration(Grossmann, Chason Westermoreland

    Hi! I'm a beginner Death Metal Drummer. I have spent almost 50 hours on Hannes Grossmann/Marco Minnemanns finger isolation method. So my finger control is pretty decent. Now to the main topic: A combination of fingers and wrist so I can get a strong hit basically. My main influences beside...
  4. G

    The Faceless - Accelerated Evolution Cover

    Hi Guys, Just posted a new cover of Accelerated Evolution by The Faceless. This song is off of their album Autotheism. I've been meaning to cover it for a while, but I didn't have a space to practice in until recently. I saw this band in concert with Meshuggah in Chicago a few years ago and...
  5. drummer4life657

    Beneath the Massacre - Dual Cover [Death Metal]

    Hey guys, I just posted this Beneath the Massacre dual cover of the song "Damages" from their 2012 album Incongruous. I'm playing both drums and guitar in this cover, and it would be awesome if you could check it out and leave me some feedback. for fans of metal / technical death metal...
  6. drummer4life657

    Electronic Press Kit

    Hey drummerworld friends, I recently published my first Electronic Press Kit at complete with a biography, tour experience, photos, and videos. I approached this recent endeavor with the intentions and hopes of applying for endorsements. It would be awesome if you could check...
  7. J

    Death metal drumming 190-250 BPM

    My new video Death metal drumming 190-250 BPM:
  8. D

    Drum Video! Ominous Conception (doom/death)

    Hey guys! I wanted to take a second and introduce myself! I am the drummer of Ominous Conception, A doom/death metal band from Southwest Missouri. I recently posted a Youtube video of me playing one of the songs off of our upcoming album and I wanted to share a link with you guys! My channel...
  9. F

    Trey Williams of Dying Fetus BRUTAL BLAST-OFF DRUM CONTEST - SDM Issue 14

    Hello fellow drummers. This is the video for my entry to the contest, i apologize for some delays on some parts since couldn´t hear them clearly due that my in ear headphones were not functioning properly. Here it is. Wish me luck!! The Sickdrummer...