cymbal buying advice

  1. T

    How to combine cymballs

    Hello, is it good idea to mix cymballs? I have Meinl Pure Alloy Medium Ride 20 and I need new hihats, but I dont know how to combine cymballs for good sound because I probbably dont want Pure Alloy Hihats or Meinl Hihats at all. Can someone help me? Is better for me to stick with this type of...
  2. S

    Zildjian K Custom Dark (box set) vs. Zildjian Rock Pack

    Hey guys, I´m going to buy new cymbals soon and I love the sound of Ziljdian´s K custom dark series. However, I play rock music and I´ve heard that more suitable for this genre is Zildjian´s A series. I wanna buy a whole pack.K´s custom dark pack specifications: 20 ride, 18 and 16 crash, 14...
  3. D

    Opinions on Istanbul Mehmet 22″ Sahra ride cymbal

    Does anybody try this particular cymbal? The link below is the only decent sound clip I found. The cymbal looks gorgeous and curious what are your thoughts and opinions about this cymbal, planning to buy one soon.
  4. H

    Buying kit for gigs- where to start

    Hello, I've been drumming just over a year on a Roland TD-1KV electronic kit, but also having the odd lesson on an acoustic kit when I get the chance. I'm getting pretty good and the band I'm in are looking to start finding gigs (so terrifying!). My question is what's the absolute minimum I...
  5. C

    HHX Legacy Hats, AAX O-Zone crash

    Hey, I'm planning on buying a couple of cymbals for my drumset, and before I start investing money, I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on the subject. First of all, I'm considering Sabian Legacy 14" hats. My style of playing is quite dynamic, and I'd like to know how well these hats hold up in...
  6. Jared Weems

    Whats the word I'm looking for?

    Hey everyone, this is actually my first post (but I scroll through the forum everyday). Anyway, I'm looking to order some custom Saluda cymbals soon and I need to specify the right sound I'm looking for. I have a good idea on what I am looking for except I can't figure out how to describe what I...
  7. T

    PST7 Vs. PST8

    Up till this point I've only been buying preowned cymbals online and I've got a pretty decent set for the level I'm at, however brand new cymbals are always on my mind and I'd love to actually get one for myself. My 18" Paiste 505 Crash has now cracked and I've been drawn to all this hype...
  8. B

    buying cymbals?

    Hi, i am currently looking at upgrading my drum setup and thought cymbals would be a good start. Everyone on here is always saying buy used, but here ( in New Zealand) we have quite a small used market. I have however found one piece that looks very promising. A vintage zildjian USA made...
  9. MOsullyvan

    Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

    I recently read up that Meinl Extra Drys lack a bit in volume. I play in a teenage jazz group and we don't play places that need us to mic up nor do we have the money yet. I was wondering if purchasing a type of this cymbal would result in it not cutting through in a mix without mics. I also...
  10. T

    Advice on medium level Hihats?

    I'm investing in my first proper set of cymbals after upgrading from an electric kit and I was wondering what hi hats I should get? I don't have the greatest budget: got under £200 pound, so I'm in the UK, so take into account the difference in currency, for example, I could get a pair of new...
  11. B

    Big band and combo cymbal setup advice

    Hey drummerworld, I need some advice. I recently picked up my first jazz ride, an Istanbul Agop 20" Sultan jazz ride, which has a really nice dark tone with a surprisingly clear stick definition. Now, I am in high school, so my budget is pretty limited, but I am now starting to expand my cymbal...
  12. D

    Looking for new cymbals, Help please!

    i have been drumming for 6 years now and i play mainly Rock, Punk and funk. I have finally decided i cannot deal with my cymbals and so i am mainly looking at crashes and hihats.( i can deal with the sound of my ride) I currently have a four cymbal setup being Planet Z 14" hihats, 16" crash and...
  13. J

    What 18" crash would be suitable for constant crashing for rock genre

    I'm looking to buy a new 18" crash cymbal to use for my band, we play pop rock which requires a lot of crash use in the choruses. I have the Zildjian 18" A custom crash in mind. What you think? Sam
  14. A

    21 sweet ride

    I was just wondering what your guys opinions of the sweet ride is. I recently got myself a 19 in a cust medium crash and am looking for a crashable ride to pair it with. I currently have a 20 in medium a cust ride but its too overpowering for me as a crash. Looking for a ride that will still...
  15. A

    Best 18 or 19 inch cymbals?

    Ive had a 17 inch AAX xplosion crash for about two years and love the cymbal i also have a 18 inch AA crash to go with it that i recently cracked and hated anyway... Just wanted some opinions on what people think would be a good complementary cymbal to go with my AAX preferably 18 or 19 inch and...
  16. P

    Best cymbals for £600 ($950)?

    I need to upgrade my cymbals badly and was wondering what cymbals are the best for this price range so I know what to look for! (£600, $950) They would mostly be used for playing metal and rock styles, but would also need greater versatility to occasionally play various other styles Any advice...