berklee college of music

  1. IkenReed

    Aviations (Metal band Live From Berklee College of Music)

    Check it out this my band Aviations. This is live song from our upcoming album.. Drums are Pearl Masters Maple and the cymbals are Meinls Axis Double Pedals Enjoy!
  2. L

    What I've been doing at Berklee ...

    Hey everyone! I just finished my 1st semester at Berklee College of Music, and I thought I'd share a few videos showcasing what I've been doing while I was gone. The first video is a drum solo I recorded at the very beginning of the semester. Ear...
  3. D

    Audition Difficulty

    I am a drummer, and i want to make it my career, so i looked into auditioning for Berklee College of Music after high school. I am a freshman and i have been playing the drums since 7th grade and practice 1-11/2 hours a day. I would like to know how difficult getting into Berklee will be for me...
  4. B

    Berklee Auditions at PASIC

    Berklee College of Music will conduct admissions auditions for percussionists at PASIC on Friday, November 15, 2013. Particularly seeking students whose principal instrument is one of the following: VIBRAPHONE HAND PERCUSSION ORCHESTRAL PERCUSSION MARIMBA Berklee faculty and staff participating...
  5. C

    Berklee drum audition (practicing, advice etc.)

    Hi, My name is Chris and I'm a Berklee International Network student at Newpark Music Centre outside of Dublin. I'm in my 2nd year of the Berklee Track. In February I'm doing the scholarship audition for Berklee since I of course am interested in doing my best at the audition. I already have...
  6. C

    Berklee Audition Piece DRUMS

    Hey everybody, I've been playing drums for about 4 or 5 years and would like to audition for Berklee College of Music. My audition will be either sometime in November or December and ive been having trouble thinking what to use for my prepared piece. I will have a guitarist coming with me to...
  7. IkenReed

    Berklee College of Music based metal band "Aviations"

    Check out this band! We are a Berklee College of Music progressive metal band!
  8. IkenReed

    Rihanna We Found Love Djent Cover Check out this Rihanna Djent Cover my band Aviations recorded!
  9. IkenReed

    O.G. - CHON (Drum Cover)

    A new cover of another song by CHON Check it out
  10. IkenReed

    O.G. - CHON (Drum Cover) Here it is guys. I think I am going to eventually cover all of the CHON songs they are so fun to play! Let me know what you think of it!
  11. IkenReed

    Perfect Pillow - CHON (Drum Cover)

    Hey guys, I just bought a new kit out here at Berklee. It's a Pearl Master Series, so I recorded this song with my drums! Tell me what you think of the drums and my playing!! Thanks!