advice needed on a kit

  1. K

    Non-drummer Music Club teacher needs advice!

    Hi all, I have started a music club at a high school here in Saipan (north of Guam). A drum set was unearthed in a storage room, and I'm told it needs new skins. I know NOTHING about drums but I promised to take a stab at finding out how to choose/buy/install new skins for the set. The set says...
  2. H

    Buying kit for gigs- where to start

    Hello, I've been drumming just over a year on a Roland TD-1KV electronic kit, but also having the odd lesson on an acoustic kit when I get the chance. I'm getting pretty good and the band I'm in are looking to start finding gigs (so terrifying!). My question is what's the absolute minimum I...
  3. B

    Custom Drum kit advice needed!

    Hey guys. I've never been a part of any forum or anything before, so excuse me if I muddle things up as this is my first ever thread. This is going to be a quite chunky start to a thread, so I have tried to section it off because I want you guys to have all the details I can provide, so you can...
  4. K

    What drum company is best for me?

    Hello, I am a young percussionist who only started about three years ago. In the past three years it has completely made me fall in love with music, especially metal/rock/post hard core/etc.I started out with an extremely cheap drum set at about $170, it was a "Groove Percussion" kit; for being...
  5. P

    PDP X7 vs. Tama Superstar Hyperdrive 6pc.

    I'm new to these forums so someone tell me if i'm doing something wrong I'm looking to buy a new drum kit as my old set needs replacing and was wondering what set is the best to buy. The kit would be used for playing rock and metal. The main problem is I have NO way of going to try one of these...
  6. B

    Yamaha Birch Stage Customs

    Hey ya'll, I have been contemplating getting a set of Yamaha Birch Stage Customs. At the moment I am playing on a set of Tama Swingstars that are fairly old. Do you recommend I go for the Stage Customs? I've heard good things about these kits...Has anyone got a set? What are they like?
  7. E

    Buddy Rich Signature Kit 2010 SJC Drums USA.....any probs?

    Hello, Is there anyone out there who has recently purchased in 2010 the Buddy Rich Signature kit made by SJC Drums in USA? If so, can you help/advise please? Whereabouts on the base drum is the ride cymbal mount located on yours? E.g. Is it towards the back (nearest drummer), front towards the...
  8. M

    new kit advice

    Hey all I ve been playing for 10 years now and feel it is time to upgrade my kit but I never really paid any attention to brand names and material types so I am looking for some suggetions. I am looking to spend around 2000 to 3000 and want something intermediate level. I play mostly metal and...
  9. M

    looking for a new kit

    I have been playing drums for about 10 years now and feel that I am finally at a point where I should update my current drumset. Right now I have a beat up old Trak starter set and a rhythm art start kit. the cymbals are all zildjan and will be keeping these for my next set. My question is...
  10. lhindependance

    Pearl VMX or Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz?

    Hi There My fellow drummers i am faced with a dilemma. im looking for a 4 piece kit and have been looking at the pearl vmx and gretsch catalina club jazz. my local shop has a vmx for 400 quid 2nd hand with the only damage being to the stock heads which of course are easily replaceable. the...