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  1. Winegums

    Evans Super Tough vs Heavy Weight

    Yesterday I decided it was time to replace my snare batter and snares on my Chad Smith custom Pearl snare, but I was unable to find an Evans ST that I usually use. However I did find an Evans Heavy weight that seemed like it would do the trick. First off it feels very similar to the ST with...
  2. Winegums

    Vic Firth Titan Sticks

    Hey guys, I was at my local Long and Mcquade looking at gear, spyed a set of the titans and decided to buy them. My first impresson was that they sound and feel like a hickory 5B stick that is slightly heavier than average, (though I have had some sticks that are heavier). I've yet to notice...
  3. Winegums

    Building my first drum

    Hi guys I'm going to be building my first drum soon and wanted to start a thread to log the progress. It'll be a 6 1/2" x 14" stave snare drum, made from quilted western maple that me and my dad logged and milled ourselves. I'll be using the hardware from a Pearl sensitone snare that came with...
  4. Winegums

    Vickicks anyone tried them?

    I was just at my local music store picking up some drum consumables, and I could help but notice the Vic Firth Vickicks. They're a very simple looking beater but from the reviews on them, they seem to be a good upgrade to some stock beaters. I've been looking for a replacement for my Iron Cobra...
  5. Winegums

    Anyone else have problems with Level 360 heads?

    Ever since Evans made the switch to the level 360 technology I've been having major issues with getting the heads to seat, tension and tune. I constantly have to tune my toms and snare drum rather than just minor maintenance tuning, on occasion I find that they've dropped almost 3 or 4 steps...
  6. Winegums

    Describing dynamic levels quantitatively?

    In a band situation when I'm playing drums or any instrument I tend to break the song's energy/volume/power into a scale of 1-10 in my head. 1-3 being the softest (intro), 5-7 being the middle (verse/chorus) and 8-10 full tilt (solo/height of song), (sometimes this goes to 11!). I do this so...
  7. Winegums

    Tips for learning 7/8 time?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to learn 7/8 time and it's driving me crazy for the reason that I either want to play 6/8 or 4/4 naturally. Are there any tips or tricks to it? I've been breaking it down to pieces eg. 4+3 and 5+2 for counting but I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall and I always revert to...
  8. Winegums

    Why isn't the toe clamp centered for double kick pedals?

    Maybe I'm fussy but does it drive anyone else crazy that the clamp isn't in the middle on most double pedals? It creates the problem that you get different rebound and differences in volume between the two beaters, which could easily be solved by centering the toe clamp.
  9. Winegums

    Sabian vs Zildjian

    Despite a massive amount of cymbal sampling I've found myself attracted to Sabian. Why is this? It's not like I'm biased by the name on the cymbal, I look for the sound of a cymbal. I've tried numerous sabian and zildjian cymbals only to find that the sabian cymbals sound more alive than their...
  10. Winegums

    Demon Driven Iron Cobra hybrid

    After 2 years of owning my second gen Iron cobras I found that the drive shaft had so much lag it was creating a barrier for me with my double kick. I couldn't get anymore speed out of my left foot. So I was messing about at Long and Mcquade one day and found that I could put a Demon drive...
  11. Winegums

    Solution to Cobra clutch/Eliminator hihat stand

    I had been reading about issues with the cobra clutch not mating with an eliminator hihat stand very well after I had ordered the clutch. So upon receiving the clutch I ran into the same problem others had run into. Since the main shaft of the Elim hihat is off set to the right the clutch simply...