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    My fills are always in 8th notes/slower note rates, help!

    Most of my fills when soloing or when just playing the song are mostly eighth notes or slower note rates. Sometimes I'll play sixteenths here and there but I have a tendency to stick to 8th notes. I can't seem to get out of it. I usually play what I 'hear in my head' but that means that I'm only...
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    The Drum Also Waltzes PDF Transcription

    Hey guys, here's a little something for all of you. I recently transcribed this wonderful piece because I want to learn how to play it but couldn't find a transcription of it anywhere. I've gotten a lot out of this forum and thought that I should finally give back. Get the PDF here...
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    So for some reason, about 2 weeks ago, I got the crazy idea to try traditional grip in my left hand. I have worked on traditional grip on and off in 2011 and 2012, then gave up because it wasn't really working out. Anyway, when I came back to it 2 weeks ago, it felt awkward at first but then it...
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    Something strange is happening

    to me and my hands. It seems that about a week ago, I started practicing and I noticed that my sticks felt a little lighter than usual (I used a Vic Firth 5A to be exact). It felt really weird to me so I went out and bought a pair of 5Bs, but after a few days of usage, even those felt a little...
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    Gary Chaffee PATTERNS: Your experiences and suggestions

    Just thought I'd start a thread on the Patterns series! I'm just starting to get into these books and would love your valuable input..
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    Syncopation, Dawson methods, Goal tempos?

    I would love to hear from all of you, especially those who have studied under Dawson himself. Did he ever suggest goal tempos for how fast these exercises are to be played? Would love to know. In today's practice session, I practiced the "filling in triplets" exercise, the first exercise that...
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    How to make Pearl footboard clean and shiny again?

    I just bought a used Pearl Eliminator H2000 Hi Hat stand to compliment my set of Eliminator double pedals. It is in excellent working condition with no missing or broken parts and I got all the cams that came with it. However, the footboard and most of the chrome parts are a little dirty. I know...
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    Took a 3 month long break from practicing regularly

    and now my right foot is faster than ever! It's so strange how it happened this way, but it did. Basically, I got very busy with my 'day job' and couldn't stick to my practice routine which is heavily focused on foot technique, since I consider that to be my greatest weakness. So I actually...
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    Songs with fast / tricky single bass drum patterns

    Hey everybody, been really solidifying my bass drum technique for the past 6 months and there's definitely some improvement. I'm compiling a list of song that I can practice to that fit the criteria above. Here are some songs that I know of, please reply to this thread for your suggestions...
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    What makes a band?

    I say 2 things. A good singer and a good drummer. But what if you had a good drummer but not so good singer? What do you do? I found that most of the time, the musicians I usually play with resort to playing busier to compensate for a less than stellar singer. I like to keep things simple and...
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    Breakdown of Speeds = Foot Technique

    Can somebody give me a breakdown of speeds = foot technique? For example I know that ankle motion is utilized from 180 bpm (16ths) onwards. How about leg motion?
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    Drumming Barriers/Plateaus

    Hey guys, I've been practicing the heel down technique since 2011, inspired from Colin Bailey's DVD/book. I reached 80 bpm then and sadly it seems that I am still stuck at this tempo to this day. Colin says that I have to reach 104 before raising the heel, which is essentially the ankle stroke...
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    George Kollias's Book: The Beginning

    I'm really interested in the book but I would at least like to know what the chapters are. There is very little information on his website. Anyone who might have any info care to chime in?
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    Master Studies - How many reps do you play?

    Joe Morello doesn't indicate how many times you should play each exercise in the Master Studies books, unlike G.L. Stone and his books. How many times do you guys play the exercise? What's a good number to aim for?
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    Alternate? Or do the same thing?

    For practice schedules, is it okay to alternate practice materials? Or is it better to practice the same thing everyday? For example: Monday - Master Studies Tuesday - Mastering the Tables of Time Wednesday - Master Studies Thursday - Mastering the Tables of Time Friday - Master Studies...
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    Senseless Apprentice by Nirvana

    How is Dave Grohl doing it? I'm talking about the straight 16ths during the chorus. I can play the verse part, there's 5 consecutive bass drum notes. But for the chorus, it's continuous 16ths. Does anyone know the technique he's using? Some weird heel toe technique? Ankle strokes?
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    Heel Down Left foot problem

    Having issues playing heel down with my left foot. My foot starts to creep upwards on the pedal.. It's really weird. This only happens when I play with shoes on. I wear converse type shoes with really thin soles. When I play barefoot, I don't seem to have this problem. Can anyone help me out?
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    DW 9000 Double Pedal Problem

    My slave pedal sometimes makes this 'metal clank' noise when I play. Upon closer inspection, I found that the sound is coming from the chain hitting the foot board. It seems like the foot board 'moves up' sometimes, and when it moves back down again, it makes that metal sound. I hope I'm making...
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    How to play intricate patterns on double bass?

    I'd like to learn how to play more interesting and 'broken' patterns on the double bass pedals instead of just straight 16th notes/32nd notes. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to practice in order to gain facility?
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    Joe Morello's "Master Studies" with feet?

    Has anybody practiced the Master Studies book with their feet? Experiences?