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    Rivets vs. chain sizzlers

    What are the differences between rivets and chain sizzlers? Are they similar or do they produce the same characteristic sound? Would a chain sizzlers be more convenient than rivets due to its removability?
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    Not enough loud or too loud?

    I had a big band gig this week and realized I don't play as intensely and broadly as I want. Certain spectators gave me this note and I was surprised. I naturally play softer, I moderate my sound, I'm not a heavy hitter compared to some others, but I wouldn't say I play timidly or faintly as...
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    Cymbal rusting

    I have a Sabian 22" Signature Jam Master Ride in brilliant finish and just noticed light traces of rust on it. How could this happens? Is it normal? How can I remove rust on a cymbal? Just by cleaning it with my cymbal cleaner?
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    Is this a good deal?

    I'm looking for 16" and 18" Sabian HHXtreme crashes and found a special deal on classified ads: CAN $260 for both, instead of his first offer (CAN $300). I'm asking myself if it is a good deal, if I don't get fooled at any point. Yes, I know, it's very low but I want to compare this offer with...
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    Differences between standard & die cast hoops?

    What are the differences between standard hoops and die cast hoops? Do they have tuning, resonance, sounding differences? Why die cast hoops are more expensive than standard ones? What is the best choice?
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    Latin rythms

    I'm in a big band and have to play some latin grooves for a dance gig; especially cha-cha, mambo and tango. I don't want to play what it is written on the lead sheet (it's just simple examples, banal repetitive patterns to inspire ourselves) and would replace these beats for more advanced...
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    Gibraltar brackets, mounts and hardware parts

    I have a generic brand kit and started to modify it to bring this drumset to a next level of durability and strenght. I want to replace some hardware parts for Gibraltar ones, but these accessories need to be screwed in the drum shells and it seems they don't use the same screw configurations...
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    Sabian HH Dark Crash 18"

    How much this Sabian HH Dark Crash 18" would cost? I bought it since at least a year and it has no keyhole, no crack, no scratch. It is in perfect condition to be sold.
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    Any jazz in Boston area?

    I saw the "Jazz in DC area" thread and it inspired me. I am going to make a trip in Boston, in April 2010, for musical purposes, and asked myself if I want to relax, to go out with friends, where should I go to listen to jazz shows in this beautiful city? Does any jazz players are touring on...
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    How to distinguish good/bad stainless steel snares?

    What are the criterias to differentiate good stainless steel snares from the bad ones? Are there different types, qualities or are they all the same? Does the manufacturing affect the quality of the snare? What are Pearl or Ludwig stainless steel snares have more than beginners or no name brand...
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    Buying my first splash cymbal

    Hi! I have some doubts about buying my first splash cymbal. I'm looking for a Sabian one. I want to buy it used but I'm still thinking about it. I had a reply for an used 10" Sabian HHX Legacy splash for $50. Is this a good deal? Do you have some other suggestions of good sounding splash in...
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    Gibraltar boom stands vs. boom attachment clamp

    Hi all! I got some questions about buying other cymbal stands. I'm using 4 Gibraltar boom stands and starting to have a lack of space on my drum kit. I saw on Gibraltar products catalog some arms, attachment clamps and cymbal stackers. These are very useful to save some space and to add more...
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    Broken Sabian AAX crash

    I have an 18" Sabian AAXplosion crash which I do not want anymore and change for a HHX one. The problem is that the cymbal is cracked and I don't know how much it costs if I would sell it. The crash has two cracks of barely 1/4" long, from 1" 1/2 of distance, on the edge. This used crash cost me...
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    Riveting a ride cymbal

    Hi. I have some questions about riveting a ride cymbal. But first, let me introduce the context. If I have a 20" ride and want to put 3 rivets on it, how can I do it? I would like to know... 1. What tool should I use for (drill, drill bits, etc.)? 2. At how much inches from the edge should I...