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    Replacing bass drum lugs from one vintage with another?

    Tried searching on this, but didn't find anything... I've been gifted a beater kit from a friend - an old and not too-bad-sounding CB 700. I've currently replaced all the heads with Silent Strokes to use as a quiet practice kit in my garage (can't wait to get those Zildjian low volume cymbals...
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    Club Date SE or Signet?

    More lurking than posting for me, but for those who can help advise, which is the better option - based on some additional criteria below? 1. I am more of a jazz/funk player (more aspiration than reality at this point) with some rock as well. 2. I would like to tune these high, jazz-like...
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    Another Supraphonic Question

    First post, long time lurker. Bought an 80s supra recently... I noticed before I bought it that, in the pics, it was missing a t-rod on the bottom hoop. I bought it anyway. When it finally arrived, it sounded fine (great actually). I also looked at that missing t-rod or rather the space...