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  1. Banzai

    Sharing my joy.

    I really haven't logged in in quite a while but I have to share my good feelings. Last year I studied Design at University, I really liked it and was doing pretty well, but I spent all year wondering what would it have been like to study music and drumming, so I figured I would suspend design...
  2. Banzai

    Drummy stuff in China?

    I'm going to China tomorrow and since I heard the mapex factory is there (or Taiwan, can't remember) I'd like to know what other drum-realted things are there to be found? THX Banzai
  3. Banzai

    Tama Starphonic?

    I just went to the Tama website and I found an extreme amount of advertisment of a Starphonic thingy. Did some search and all I could found was a speculation thread in another forum. It seems to be a new snare drum but I didn't get...
  4. Banzai

    Going to Kiss Tomorrow!!!!!

    Just wanted to express my emotion!!!! I'm was too young when they first came to Chile but now, payback time!!!!! Cheers!
  5. Banzai

    8" tom myth

    I'm thinking on a 3 up 1 down kit and I came across the "myth" of the 8" tom sounding incredibly different and "out-of-place" from the 10" and 12". Is this true? THX, Banzai.
  6. Banzai

    Help with music studying in NZ

    Hi, I want to apply to a New Zealand University next year and there's quite a few things I don't get. What does the Bachelor of Music (BMus) include?(this is at NZSM) From what I get, only Jazz and Clasical performance really include performance. In Auckland university there are other subjects...