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    Sina Doering

    Searched the forum but didn't found anything about her. If there is already a thread, sorry... Anyway, I don't know if she does her own material or only covers but I think she has talent, your thoughts? Two Deep Purple covers: In this one, she talks about my favorite, Ringo: There are...
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    Two French Canadians drummers: Pierre Hébert and Denis Farmer

    Let me introduce to you two drummers from, Québec province in Canada. They are obscure ´cause we live and speak french here but we are surrounded by english speaking people from U.S.A. and the rest of Canada. So, Pierre Hébert was the drummer of a band called Octobre (jazz prog) in the 70's...
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    Snare 14x5.5 made in Japan 60s MIJ

    This was the title of the ad. Got it for 30 Canadian bucks. 8 lugs, cheap shell (bottom is a little out of round, bearing edges are rough). Anyway, before looking at it in details, I've bought a set of nylon snare cords and two heads (Ambassador Coated X and Ambassador Clear reso). Also got an...
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    Zildjian New Beat - no stamp!

    Hello, First post here. Here goes the story: I've bought first a set of Sabian HH medium 14' but discovered that one of the cymbals was slightly warped at the edge. Managed to straighten it with a protecting towel and a pair of pliers. However, I wasn't sure it would develop some problems in...