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    Show Us Your Set List

    only notes are who starts off the song.
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    Open Handed Playing

    I've been playing for 35+ years and about 1 1/2 years ago I started playing with a band that does some Journey covers. After learning the songs, the only way to play like Mr. Smith was to play open handed. It feels awkward but it is easier to play the song correctly. Some songs it makes sense...
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    Logo for Bass Drum Head

    I had a local shop do mine for about $80
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    Thoughts on this yamaha stage custom advantage shell kit?

    I have a set and love them. A friend of mine is selling a set for $350 in PA. I can get you a link if you want more info.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I answered a CL ad about electronic drums $50. When he sent me the pic it was a set of Roland drums. When I went to look at them it was a full ekit with a TD-6 module, all the pads, cymbals, cables, rack, throne, sticks, headphone, carrying bags and a music stand. Too much to pass up. So...
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    Headphone amplifier for IEM's

    I've been using the Rolls PM 50. I take a signal from one the powered wedge monitors. This weekend will be the first using it with my new mixer (Behringer X16). I'll be able to controll my own monitor mix so hopefully the headphone amp works well with this setup.
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    Utility Cart???

    I picked this up at Harbor Freight. Cost was about $55 with a coupon. Most of the time I use it laying flat but occasionally the upright position is good for speakers and the larger tires are good for uneven surfaces.
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    How's this all work

    I've been drumming for a long time with acoustic sets. I've recently joined a band where I'll be using my ekit. Yamaha DTXplorer. I also have a Kat KTMP pad that I use for effects with my acoustic set. I'd like to use the Kat pad for some additional sounds with the ekit. I believe there's a...
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    Yamaha 14" tuning

    I have a Yamaha Stage Custom with 10, 12 & 14" toms. I have Evans Black Onyx heads. I love the sound from the 10 & 12 but the 14 just won't join the party. This is a suspended mount floor tom. To get a good tone I need to tighten the head to where it's almost as high as the 12" Has anyone...