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    DrumToolz - new iOS app!

    Sorry, I don’t have any plans for Android right now :( Remember, its available on iPad as well.
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    DrumToolz - new iOS app!

    Hey guys, I just released a new iOS app: DrumToolz. Here is a brief description from the App Store: DrumToolz completely revolutionizes how you practice the drums. In a league of its own, it lets you manually input drum beats (snare drum or drum set) and generate new creative ideas using what...
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    Drumming Apps

    Have you heard of SnareTools? You can input rhythms into it and play them back. It will also also generate random exercises for you to try. You can save rhythms as well. It’s great! FYI: I wrote it :)
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    Need Beta testers from DrumShare iOS app!

    Hi all, I am in need of some beta testers for my new iOS app, DrumShare! If you have SnareTools, this is that app, but expanded to Drum Set, and with social features :) In DrumShare, you can -input and play back your own drumset beats. -generate new ideas for beats by mutating beats you've...
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    SnareTools iOS App!

    Fellow drummers! A couple of weeks ago I released an iOS app called SnareTools! It is a snare drum practice tool, letting you input rhythms to practice, or it can generate rhythms for you to practice. Get real-time accuracy feedback, and save rhythms for later to practice. Supports stickings...