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  1. No Way Jose

    What have you learned here?

    Some of you drummers are better than I am.
  2. No Way Jose

    Drums and the Significant Other

    My girlfriend comes to most of my gigs.
  3. No Way Jose

    The sound of the drum is within the heads

    This guy is dynamite.
  4. No Way Jose

    Supraphonic has a mind of its own...

    You need to buy more drum stuff.
  5. No Way Jose

    Tambourine Throwdown!

    Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower
  6. No Way Jose

    Why do you Play?

    I like parties, live music, people dancing, crowds, alcohol, women under the influence. My mom wanted me to be a doctor. Bug off, mom.
  7. No Way Jose

    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    What do you call a drummer delivering a pizza? A success!
  8. No Way Jose

    Possible new drummer - ekit vs acoustic/mesh heads/LV cymbals vs acoustic/cymbals/mutes

    Test the practice pad on your sleeping family, see if it bothers them.
  9. No Way Jose

    LCD burning out?

    I'd check the power supply voltage. Power supplies burn out.
  10. No Way Jose

    Question for bar-band folks, re some song choices

    Lately we've been getting good results from "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down" by Merle Haggard. And there's David Allan Coe's "Long Haired Redneck". You do "Whole Lotta Rosie" by ACDC, right?
  11. No Way Jose

    Lost some precious stuff.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I use cheap gear because where I play it is risky. Drunks might break my stuff, or someone may take it.
  12. No Way Jose

    Keeping your motivation - Keeping a log to appreciate the process?

    I have a log book but it has nothing about drumming in it. It probably has the telephone number of every musician within 20 of me in it though.
  13. No Way Jose

    What kind of ride cymbals you do prefer?

    I actually like my Zildjian ZBT 22 inch ride cymbal. Yes its a little harsh and loud but I learned to hit it. For the classic rock, classic country music that I play it works well. I like using brushes on it too, for jazz.
  14. No Way Jose

    How to learn drums when you already know another instrument?

    Get drum sticks and start practicing. Practice along with recordings or radio. Start looking at craigslist for a used drum kit. I know lots of bars are closed because of covid but look around anyway. Look for places that have open mic nights and house drum kits.
  15. No Way Jose

    Advice for a mum of 10 year old drummer

    When I was 10 years old I didn't want to practice either. Buy a used bass and amplifier, see what happens. You can likely sell the equipment if it doesn't work out and get most of your money back.
  16. No Way Jose

    Basement got molded, does a dehumidifier help?

    It might help to turn on a fan. Condensation may appear in some places but not others. If you mix the air, the wet places may dry out.
  17. No Way Jose

    Not sure if I Love it or Hate it

    Zickos Supersonic drum video Doesn't really appeal to me.
  18. No Way Jose

    I’m going to ask

    At open mics they play a lot of Stones, no Beatles.
  19. No Way Jose

    Cracked rib, Can’t play

    If you tell women that you got that cracked rib at protests and demonstration then they might be all over you. I know guys that fake cracked ribs just to get chicks.
  20. No Way Jose

    Pricing broken, damaged, worthless cymbals

    Cracked cymbals look good. They just don't sound good.