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  1. Billn59

    Using Ludwig's Custom Order Guide

    I just Downloaded their new spreadsheet from April 2020. Completely different. Doesn't show prices.
  2. Billn59

    Will Gibraltar ball L Arms Fit my Ludwig atlas double Tom holder?

    I have that setup on my drums. They do fit but are a little tighter than the stock Ludwig L arms.
  3. Billn59

    Where can I find Tama Drums to match my kit when i can't find individual drums for sale.

    If Tama still makes your kit, you can contact your sales engineer at Sweetwater. They should be able to help. I have the Superstar Classic and was able to get a 14 in rack and a 18 floor Tom for my kit.
  4. Billn59

    Midi Controllers/VST Bass

    Try Ample sound - Ample P Bass Lite II. I use it a lot playing drums a guitar. Lite version is free and sounds really great.
  5. Billn59

    Pearl Session Custom 14x5.5 All Maple Snare drum info

    Found one of these at a thrift store. They were asking $100. Was able to get it for $65 with discounts. Came with a stand and case. I cleaned it up and put some Remo’s on it and it sounds really great.
  6. Billn59

    Backing tracks...

    I saw them on that tour. Eddie played keyboards on two songs. Jump and I'll Wait. On Jump he just played keyboards. During the guitar solo part he improvised it with the keyboard. On I'll Wait hey played both keyboards and guitar. Doing intro with the keyboards then playing guitar during riff...
  7. Billn59

    Greetings, Newby from West Texas

    Long time Guitar Player, finally going to give Drums a try. I just recently retired to West Texas and have a place and the room I can set up a kit. I'm in the market for a mid-level maple kit. I've narrowed it down to the Tama 5 piece Superstar Classic Maple or the Ludwig Evolution Maple. which...