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  1. HOUSTON 94

    Bright top/dark bottom hats?

    So, I'm due for new hats (thanks to the guitar center warranty, I "dropped" my old pair at a gig). I was playing 14" Sabian AAX-cellerators, but was thinking about maybe doing an AAX top over an HHXcellerator. Can anyone offer insight on this sound? Would doing that or something like that (A...
  2. HOUSTON 94

    Help with 2004/2005 Starclassics!

    So, I traded in my '89 Granstar birch and some cash to buy a 04/05 Starclassic birch with a few extra drums. I LOVE it!!! BUT, I can't figure something out... How do I move the sliding tom mount on the bass drum? I am at a complete loss on how to do this. It is mentioned in the catalog, but I...
  3. HOUSTON 94

    Placing a date on my Granstars

    So, I recently bought a Granstar shell pack (with some hardware) off of Craigslist. I was wondering if there is any way I could get a timeframe of when they were produced such as the serial numbers or any differences among the different years of Granstar. thanks for any help
  4. HOUSTON 94

    MF Sabian AAX price mistake: Capitalize! $159 for 16-19" Sabian AAXplosion Fast crashes.... sounds like a mistake. I'm gonna buy the 19: the others are out of stock.
  5. HOUSTON 94

    Cymbal Selection help (AAX)

    I've narrowed down my crash search to three cymbals in the AAX line from Sabian. I found a 20" AAXplosion for either 155(floor model) or 165(used/returned); a new 17" dark crash for 168; and an 18" AAXplosion fast crash for 155. I really like all the three and plan to get them at some point...
  6. HOUSTON 94

    Slave spring falling off my double...

    On my double pedal, the second slave spring keeps unloosening itself while playing. It's the spring that's on the main pedal that controls the tension of the drive shaft I think. I really don't have a clue on how to fix it but would love some help.
  7. HOUSTON 94

    Help editing the band roster....

    Let me give some back story. Our 5-peice band hasn't practiced, jammed, or wrote for about a month. Every time we plan for it, there's some unavoidable event that prevents us from meeting. We finally found a gap in the schedule (tomorrow the 5th) and I was asking everyone if they could make it...
  8. HOUSTON 94

    Simple Recording Question (I think)

    I'm looking for something that can record my PA directly. I would imagine that it has a USB on one end that plugs into a computer and then a instrument cable input/output on the other. Does this device exist and does plug directly into a PA mixer or does an instrument cable go from the PA into...
  9. HOUSTON 94

    Bass Head Delemma

    My stock bass drum head is a few years old and is completey void of tone. I really need 2 new heads seeing as the reso has a crack in it. I was originally going to get an EMAD2 and an EMAD reso but I am now at the crossroads. People here have complained that the EMAD has a lot of issues with the...
  10. HOUSTON 94

    Aquarian Force Batter?

    Im in the market for a new bass head and I've been scowering the intrawebz for advice. I've narrowed it down to an Evans EMAD or an Aquarian Superkick 2 for $40 each or.... an Aquarian Force I for $20. The force is what Chris Adler uses and I would assume the force would have more attack than an...
  11. HOUSTON 94

    EQ3 or EMAD

    I need to get new heads for my bass drum pretty soon. I went to guitar center not too long ago and played on an EMAD batter and it sounded great. I played at a local bar last night and the drummer had an EMAD batter and an EQ3 reso. I mostly played metal and his bass drum sounded a little boomy...
  12. HOUSTON 94

    Help With old Zildjian (expertise needed)

    So, I got this old ride with my kit. Its 20" and I think is B8; it's really orange and matches my B8 hats and small crash. (compared to my B20 crash and china) The craigslist ad said Zildjian but I disagreed because it had no (visible) markings. I then saw it said Avedis on it and I was like ok...
  13. HOUSTON 94

    Snare batter heads... what to do?

    First off, I play rock and metal. For some background, im getting a new snare this week. Its a LE Tama Metalworks steel snare, 13x6.5. This snare comes with an Evans Power Center reverse dot/Hazy 300. I've been playing on a 14" Mapex M maple with a Genera HD dry. I was recommended the Genera...
  14. HOUSTON 94

    All wood kits, all metal kits, what about...

    A kit made of stone. Maybe a granite kit would be nice. Or a solid limestone kit. Combines the warmth of magma with the resonance of a cave.
  15. HOUSTON 94

    Paiste Experts, I need help

    I bought my drum set in May and it had a paiste crash. I looked at it and couldn't figure out what it said. After being on here for a while, I found out it was a number, that number is 502. My research turned up nothing. It is a 16" 502 crash. It is probably from the 90s because the guy said he...
  16. HOUSTON 94

    Hole in Bass Batter Head

    Long story short, i swapped out my double pedal for a single pedal and the actual beater had been tampered with and it fell down while playing, cutting a hole in my batter head. I've been playing with it for about 2 months and it sounds ok; should I replace it?
  17. HOUSTON 94

    Sabian AA Crashes: 18" Metal-x vs. 16" Medium Thin crash

    I bought an 18" Metal-x crash and was looking to upgrade my old 16" Paiste to a newer cymbal. I found 2 16" Medium thin crashes on craigslist and went to sabians site to preview them. I hit the audio for the 16 and thought it complemented m 18 nicely, but remember it sounded nothing like the...
  18. HOUSTON 94

    Heads: What could I change?

    Over the summer I bought some evans heads. I didn't do any experimenting because I didnt have the money so I came here and asked what to buy. I don't know if my sound is... optimal... so Im here to ask for help. I mostly play metal with small bits of classic rock and hard-rock. Toms: EC2s (not...
  19. HOUSTON 94

    2 Questions

    My band just got a PA system and I was looking into getting some bass triggers. What will I need and what brands/models would you suggest. I also am about to buy a small china and what should I buy to mount it to a pre-existing cymbal stand
  20. HOUSTON 94

    Tom loves going for a jog

    My 16x16 floor tom will move around when i'm playing. Anyway to stop this?