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  1. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Best music documentaries

    I recently saw Nina Simone's documentary on Netflix and loved loved it. Would love to get immersed in documentaries similar to it. What are your guys recs?
  2. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Favorite Songs?

    Shape of my heart was such a great song in The Professional
  3. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Saw Massive Attack last week and it was awesome! highly rec if theyre playng in your area
  4. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    The old Drummerworld

    This this link:*/
  5. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Expeience at a small music store.

    I've been to local speciality drum shops and they've been awesome. However , I feel like local mom and pop music stores focus more on guitars and pianos and our instrument gets a lot less love. I try my best to support if i can though
  6. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Going to see Massive Attack at the Palladium on Tuesday, the day after Labor day. will anyone else be there?
  7. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Youtube Videos

    Nice video! :)
  8. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Great grooves to work on

    try some of these. Love Tristan Kelly's IG page and all the beats he does
  9. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Food Before the Gig

    protein bars, banana, and a lot of water. Don't want to risk any type of potential stomache-aches and/or gassiness :)
  10. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Let us know how it is! Sounds awesome
  11. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Billy Cobham should be epic!
  12. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Peter Frampton Tour 2019

    I took a history of rock and roll class back in college and my professor, who was a part of the Disco band Chic at one point, brought Peter Frampton as a special guest. He was awesome and a super nice guy. Glad you enjoyed his show!
  13. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

    CL is definitely a hit or miss. I always try to make it as convenient as possible for me to make a sale. I now never drive more than 3-5 minutes for a transaction when im the seller. I've had too many horror stories where the buyer flaked and i drove 20-30 minutes.
  14. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Pic of yourself My Linkedin Pic!
  15. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    I figure that everyone here is an avid music lover like myself, so im curious to see which concerts everyone has lined up this year. As for myself, I am going to see Massive Attack at the Palladium and potentially Camp Flog Gnow and The National/Alvvays with the wife. I'm based in LA What...
  16. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Youtube Videos

    Nicely done Drummerworld Team!
  17. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    What are your favorite albums?

    Thanks for the rec! WIll check it out
  18. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    What are your favorite albums?

    Haha, love that story. Such a cultural moment
  19. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Drum Transitions

    Yeah for sure, I think it would be good to discuss during practice. Like, aksing if you can work on certain cues, whether its a head nod or whatever, during certain transitions. Eventually, chemistry will be formed if you play with the same people
  20. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Drum Transitions

    Yeah, we've all been there. If it happens, body language is key obviously. If you don't act like you messed up badly, noone else really will. But the obvious answer is practice. Practice so much that the live performance feels like a practice routine since you are so used to it. I also always...