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  1. bermuda

    Pitfalls of playing a kit

    I suspect most of us have caught the pedal beater in our pant leg, cut our knuckle or hand on the hats, or dropped or had a stick break while playing. What are your other disruptive hazards associated with playing?
  2. bermuda

    How I met Weird Al

    The subject came up in my book thread of how it happens I met Weird Al when I did, and I think it deserves a more thorough answer about why I was at the Dr. Demento show that night in the first place. In high school in the early '70s, all the cool/nerdy kids listened to the Dr. Demento Show...
  3. bermuda

    Bermuda's New Book!

    No, it's not a drum book, that's why it's in the Off-Topic section! :) My photo book BLACK & WHITE & WEIRD ALL OVER, THE LOST PHOTOGRAPHS OF "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC '83-'86 is now available for pre-order! This 208-page hardcover coffee-table book features a ton of my behind-the-scenes black &...
  4. bermuda

    Necessity is...

    Not exactly a drum hack, but a hack using drum equipment: A classic hoop-mount cowbell holder becomes a pad holder for a singer! Anyone got any more?
  5. bermuda

    Fibes > Corder > Darwin > ? > Fibes

    Does anyone remember the All American drums that were just before or just after Darwin in the Fibes timeline? They came & went very fast, maybe a year or less. I could swear I'd seen them at the time - '90s maybe? - and then they were gone. Any info at all on them? Bermuda
  6. bermuda

    Back to basics?

    Has anyone gone back to an early instruction book - maybe your first one of you still have it - and played the parts and exercises? Does it help reinforce the basics of reading, and does it feel refreshing, or a boring waste of time? I'm thinking about doing that with my original books dating...
  7. bermuda

    Using a ring on the reso?

    Regarding my now-singing reso head, I will undoubtedly need to damp it in mic'd situations, particularly on tour. Normally I'd just put a ring or two of gaff tape on it, but that will take a beating going in & out of my cases nightly and require constant fiddling. I've been using rings on my...
  8. bermuda

    The patience of a spammer

    In case you think that spammers join up, make their post(s) and scram, that's not always the case. Sometimes a few days or weeks pass between joining and when they post. But today was a record I think, this spammer joined on June 18, 2018 - almost two years ago - and just today posted their...
  9. bermuda

    Different reso weights for different toms?

    Given that a 12" tom and a 16" fl tom (for example) vibrate heads differently based on diameter and shell volume, I figured it might make sense to use thinner weight resos on 10-12" toms, med weight on 13-14", and heavier weight 16-18" toms, so that the vibe would be more consistent across the...
  10. bermuda

    Meeting other forum members

    Based on the 'meeting heroes' thread, I thought it would be fun to see who's met some fellow forum members! I'll start by saying I've met Bernhard, Andy, GruntersDad and early admin Dogbreath. I've also met/know: DrumEatDrum, Bo_Eder LarryAce Dr Watso Anon_La_Ply (aka Pollyanna) Bonzoholic...
  11. bermuda

    New song lyrics for the covid generation

    What are classic songs that deserve updated, covid-related lyrics? You can't just change the title, that's too easy, such as "Don't Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. It needs to be (at least) a couple of lines from a song. Neil Diamond already came up with his own - "Hands, washing hands, don't touch...
  12. bermuda

    Special or odd dates that you've had a gig

    I have a database of all the gigs I've ever played - all of them! - so it's easy to sort special dates that I've played. Mine are: Birthday (Aug 18) - 18 gigs Leap year Feb 29 - 5 July 4 - 13 Halloween gigs - 10 Christmas - 0 New Year's Eve - 19 How many of each type have you done?
  13. bermuda

    SwitchKick beater with Yamaha FP9 pedal?

    Who here uses the new Yamaha FP9 pedal, and has tried the SwitchKick beater with it? Did you have any success getting it to stay? I bought the pedal, but the hole for the beater rod is an oval-shaped pressure fit, and won't grab the rod. Is there a workaround for that? I'm a die-hard SwitchKick...
  14. bermuda

    Who's going to NAMM, Jan. 2020?

    I'll be there all week hanging around Ludwig most of the time, stop by and say hi! (On the main aisle in Hall C) Bermuda
  15. bermuda

    First time you were paid to play?

    How old were you, and what was the first drumming you did where you got paid? I was 13, and my first thing was a bigger deal than I knew at the time. One day during the summer of 1970, I was hanging around Al Casey's Music Room in Hollywood where my brother taught guitar. Al Casey was a guitar...
  16. bermuda

    DRUM! Magazine correction

    While I'm always flattered to be included in a magazine article, there is an odd error in the Summer 2019 issue of DRUM! in the "Remembering Hal Blaine" article. On page 28, my picture with Hal appears, with three paragraphs of supposed quotes attributed to me. Unfortunately, only the first...
  17. bermuda

    Hal Blaine passed

    Today is a sad day for me and thousands of other drummers with the passing of Hal Blaine. Hal had a lot of friends, and made each feel like they were the most important person to him. I was lucky to call him a friend for the last 27 years or so. I doubt I was high up on his list of close...
  18. bermuda

    When would you take a gig for the exposure?

    There's always a lot of talk about not doing gigs that don't pay yet promise great exposure. But I think everyone has their price, so to speak. While I don't do any work on spec or without pay, there are some opportunities I would take without salary, as long as hard expenses are covered. For...
  19. bermuda

    Different, unique, or just wacky set-ups

    I came across this pic of my kit from a 1982 video, with the cymbal arms forming a V to match the band's logo. I realize now just how much torque would be applied to the top of the 3-ply kick if I really tried to play that way! That's a Ludwig 1781 holder being put to the test. Please share...
  20. bermuda

    Birthday & New Year's gigs?

    How many gigs have you done on your birthday? And how many on New Year's Eve? My birthday count is 18 (during 1977-2018) and my NYE total is 19 gigs during the same period, including tonight. My gig records go back to 1971, but 1977 is the first year I played on my birthday (Aug 18), and...