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  1. haredrums

    Solo arrangement of Caravan

    I finally got a good video of my version of Caravan: h/t to Jeff Hamilton and Ari Hoenig!
  2. haredrums

    The Drum Set As Melody Instrument

    Hey Guys, Here is something I have been working on for a while. My argument in a nutshell is that the drum set should be reclassified as a "conditionally pitched" percussion instrument. Please check out the article and let me know what you think...
  3. haredrums

    My New Website

    Hi Everyone, I have been on the forum for a while and typically share posts to my blog "The Melodic Drummer". I recently finished my new website which has my blog as well as more info about me. Check it out:
  4. haredrums

    Minor "Stick Control" Revision

    Hey Guys, I wrote an article explaining what I think the first column of "Stick Control" should look like here: Basically, I think the first column should include inverted double strokes. Has anyone already wrote...
  5. haredrums

    Brush comping question

    Hey Everyone, I have a question about how you all handle comping with brushes. Talking about brushes is hard enough, let alone writing about them, but I will try to make this as clear as possible. When you are comping with your left hand, do you make the comping rhythm fit into your...
  6. haredrums

    Beyond a Beat

    Hey Guys, Recently I have been working on the idea of how to get "beyond a beat". That is to say, to master a new groove to the point where I can be as flexible with it as the music calls for me to be and not be stuck in a pattern. I wrote a piece about the process of trying to get to this...
  7. haredrums

    Solo version of St. Thomas

    Here is a solo version of the tune "St. Thomas" that I just recorded:
  8. haredrums

    Creative Drum Solo Exercise

    Hey Guys, I wanted to share this exercise with you and get some feedback. The idea is to make an arrangement of a tune and play it entirely on the drums. I got this idea from Jeff Hamilton, and I have found it to be a...
  9. haredrums

    Don't just listen to drummers!

    Hi guys, I just put up a blog post about the idea of drawing inspiration from other instruments that I wanted to discuss with you all: I have become increasingly conscious of how important it is to not limit my...
  10. haredrums

    A Philly Joe 4

    Hey Guys, Just put up a new post that discusses a great 4-bar phrase from Philly Joe. I tried to go beyond just explaining what the phrase is to some ideas for how to internalize it and apply it. I would love any feedback from you...
  11. haredrums

    5/4 Dawson Exercise

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to share a cool exercise that I adapted from Alan Dawson's aptly named book, "The Drummers Complete Vocabulary". I had the idea of putting exercises from "Stick Control" into 5/4 from Todd Bishop floating around in my imagination and I decided to apply it to the awesome...
  12. haredrums

    Ludwig "Speed Master"

    Hey Guys, This is the first time I have posted in the "Gear" section, but I had to share this blog post with you because there is an issue I would like to get your feedback on. The post is about how much I enjoyed playing on a vintage Ludwig "Speed Master", you can read it here...
  13. haredrums

    Drumming hasn't gotten better

    Hi Everyone, I just put up a post that I wanted to discuss with you guys as it addresses a pretty common misconception I encounter in the drum community. This is what it boils down to, the historical evolution of the art of drumming doesn't mean that drumming and drummers have gotten better...
  14. haredrums

    Learning new music

    Hey Guys, Learning new music is a huge part of being a musician, but it is not something that I see a lot of discussion about. Here is a blog post I just put together with some advice for navigating this process: My basic position...
  15. haredrums

    Jazz Comping

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share a new post I put up about my approach to learning how to comp: I am also curious to find what you guys found to be the most effective ways to learn (and teach) how to comp? I...
  16. haredrums

    The Jazz Ride Cymbal Beat

    Hey Guys, I just posted a new lesson about learning to really play/hear the jazz ride cymbal beat: I am wondering what methods worked best for you when you were learning how to play the ride cymbal beat? What...
  17. haredrums

    Why is it important to memorize?

    Hi Guys, I just put up a new post about memorization and I wanted to get some feedback from the community: Specifically I am wondering if you guys prioritize memorization in your own practice? If so, what kinds of things do you try to...
  18. haredrums

    Learning to play shout sections

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to start a conversation about playing shout sections, a topic I cover in my most recent blog post: Here are some questions for you guys. Who are your favorite shout section players? What is your approach to playing shout...
  19. haredrums

    The Instrument Is An Illusion

    Let me just preface this thread by saying that I know that this can be a sensitive topic for some people, and so I am approaching this topic with the utmost respect and humility. Recently the mighty Pollyanna pointed me towards some great video of Hal Galper masterclasses. In one of the...
  20. haredrums

    Double Strokes Around the Drums

    Hi Guys, I just put up a video lesson on my blog about an application of double strokes around the drums. Here is the video: I was wondering if you guys have any creative applications or phrasings of double stroke rolls that you like to use? There...