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  1. Foxxy66

    2 Contrasting pieces for college interview!

    I just got my college interview date through the door and I need two contrasting pieces to perform on the drum kit... I'm mainly a metal guy myself, and was planning on maybe doing some Dream Theater or something along those lines, but I'll need something that isn't heavy or anything like that...
  2. Foxxy66

    Drum covers and my band!

    So I've been around for a while, I'm that guy that's posted some pointless things and never really done much, haha! I did some drum covers a while back, but never really put them on here for opinions or anything. No backing tracks, because the software I was using wouldn't work properly, but the...
  3. Foxxy66

    Machine Head rip off... Or something?

    Alright... I'm totally confused here. This is just Machine Head's Clenching The Fists Of Dissent! But, it's not? Apparently it's the soundtrack from some game released in 2004... Just listen to it... If you're not familiar with Machine Head's song...
  4. Foxxy66

    Editing with the ZOOM Q3 camera

    Hey guys, I could really use some help. I got the ZOOM Q3 video camera from a friend today and it's pretty damn cool, but unfortunately, it seems to save everything as a Quicktime file, but I want to add the cover song's music in as well rather than just upload it with the drums by themselves...
  5. Foxxy66

    The seemingly new fad of acoustic guitars... Thanks Andy Mckee!

    Ok, now don't get me wrong, the guy is pretty damn good at guitar, whether it be his own material or otherwise. And I know he isn't solely responsible for this, but it seems that ever since he got popular around my area with 'Drifting', slapping the strings for harmonics and hitting the guitar...
  6. Foxxy66

    Dream Theater Drum Medley

    So I'm borrowing a Zoom Q3 from one of my friends and I've been meaning to do some drum covers. But alongside the songs I have lined up, I've really wanted to do a drum medley as the thread title suggests... But I can't decide on a full song line-up for it. Suggestions?
  7. Foxxy66

    Threads are upside down?

    Hello. Been here a while, but still quite a n00b as I don't visit that much. But I've noticed something, and I'm not sure how to fix it, or whether it's supposed to happen, but goddamn, it's rather annoying. If I'm not signed in to my profile, and I view a thread, then it appears normally as...
  8. Foxxy66

    Tips on making beats more technical?

    Hi guys, been a while since I posted. I've been playing alot of Opeth recently, and with my own beats I'm making for my band's music, they just aren't as technical as I'd like. I would like to take a slightly more progressive route with my drumming compositions, and just wondered if there is...
  9. Foxxy66

    Best pro drummer joke you've heard?

    Just like the title says. Share your drummer jokes that dont involve us being laughed at in the end! What does a drummer and a toilet seat have in common? They spend alot of time with @$$holes!
  10. Foxxy66

    Teaching the drums to a young 'un

    Hey guys, yet another post from me... Many questions to ask, Still very wide eyed about the drumming community and how clever it can be :P But anyway, I've been asked to teach a local kid how to play the drum kit. Now I've done a few lessons once, but it was just some basic beats and stuff. I...
  11. Foxxy66

    A quick bass skin improvisation?!

    Hey guys, I have band practice very soon, and I've only just remembered that my bass skin has a nice hole in it. We need to practice for our gig tomorrow night, so does anyone have any ideas about what I could shove in front of my pedal to hit? Something I might find around the house or...
  12. Foxxy66

    Stop ear damage!!

    Ok so I was playing with my band last night, and as all gigs are, it was pretty noisy. After the set, my ears were ringing alooot. Blah blah more whining etc :P So basically, i assume ear damage will happen if I carry on with this. So what is recommended? I've been considering the idea of In...
  13. Foxxy66

    Good drum notation sites?

    Hey anybody got any good drumming notation sites, or programs that I dont have to pay for? Please post 'em :)
  14. Foxxy66

    Paiste Noiseworks 'Trash Set' 14"&18"

    So i have Paiste Noiseworks 'Trash Set' 14"&18" Cymbals that I got with a bundle of all my other gorgeous paiste cymbals, but to be honest, I really dont get these cymbals! Does anyone else have these? Or have any experience with them!?
  15. Foxxy66

    Someone tab this for me?

    Hey guys, I've become a major Dream Theater fan at the moment, and want to learn some stuff, Honour Thy Father, but I'm having trouble with the intro, the rolls are fine, its just after that that confuses me. I've tried watching videos but still dont quite get it. If someone could tab this for...
  16. Foxxy66

    Mike, Mikeal and Steven?

    Anyone got any idea when Mike Portnoy, Mikeal Akterfelt and Steven Wilson are getting together to make awesome musical fusion? Mikes obviously busy with avenged sevenfold at the moment, but maybe Mikeal and Steven are hooking up? Haha, who knows, but they're all my 3 favourite bands at the...
  17. Foxxy66

    Tom Sounds?

    Ok guys, can you help me clear something up? Is it possible to get a nice deep sounding tom, (like say mike portnoys or nicko mcbrains) without being miced up and mixed? If so, how on earth do I do this, because its just a sound I don't know how to achieve. My drums just have really loud...
  18. Foxxy66

    A couple of questions...

    Hey guys, My first post here! Joined this forum in the hopes that I can get some good decent advice on my kit. I've been playing drums for the 2 years in a heavy metal band, but before that I played for about 2/3 years (with a break in between). I'd say I'm pretty good, I still have plenty to...