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  1. Morrisman

    Looking for a power amp for vocals

    This is just for rehearsals right? With a tiny mixer? Any old stereo amp with a few hundred watts per side will do. Without any processing or graphic EQ your volume limit will be determined by feedback in the room, not by the power capacity of the amp, so a basic amp will do. Just get a second...
  2. Morrisman

    Songs That Speed Up or Slow Down

    Chameleon by Herbie Hancock is the most exreme speeding up I know of. Route 66 by the Rolling Stones also pushes along in the first minute. Rick Beato has a video discussing this, with examples like The Police where the Choruses are often quicker than the Verses (deliberately). Same in some...
  3. Morrisman

    Last gig on drums for a long time?

    Here in South Aus the recovery has begun, but most venues can only have 1/3 capacity, and punters must remain seated (no dancing). We've done a few shows for tips and have actually done quite well financially. The audiences are sympathetic and have been willing to support the bands. The pub...
  4. Morrisman

    DRUM TEACHERS: Essential drum grooves ("trap set"/drum kit) in Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced categories in "Broad" Genres?

    I’d add blues shuffles as a seperate category. And perhaps 50’s rock n’ roll and Rockabilly - fast shuffles and train beats. Your categories are very broad. eg. Within the pop category you’ll get medium rock beats, slow ballads, 12/8 ballads, disco beats, shuffles, half-time shuffles, and more.
  5. Morrisman

    Snares with 2 snare tension adjustments

    I used to have an old Pearl snare with an adjustment screw on the butt plate. It was really handy for centering the snare wires without having to fiddle with strings and screws. Someone else mentioned this earlier, and I agree with them. As for two strainers - I’ve only seen this on orchestral...
  6. Morrisman

    Letting the Stick Rest on the Snare After a Stroke

    I’m glad this old thread has resurfaced, because I’ve been wondering the same thing lately, especially from watching clips of 70’s rock drummers. I don’t rimshot my backbeats, and I rebound the stick after each stroke, but some of these guys get a solid snare sound each stroke by leaving the...
  7. Morrisman

    Hurricane Sally

    You guys are having it tough on both sides of the country - keep safe.
  8. Morrisman

    What kind of ride cymbals you do prefer?

    Thick pingy rides and thin lively crashes. Except in the 50’s band where its all Armands - thin everything.
  9. Morrisman

    Tambourine Throwdown!

    Do you guys know ‘Are you gonna be my girl’? Or is it just an Aussie thing? Anyway, lots of tambourine in that one.
  10. Morrisman

    Evacuation Level 1

    Wishing you all the best from Australia - its winter/spring here now, cool and wet, but we have fresh memories of last Dec/January. Sounds like you’re prepared and ready to go though. Good luck!
  11. Morrisman

    Supraphonic has a mind of its own...

    Check the snare wires to see if there’s a sharp bit which could start a hole in the head.
  12. Morrisman

    Help needed please Pearl snare

    These seem to sell in Australia for around $300, which equates to the $US200 someone mentioned. A brass shell or a Jupiter in good condition goes for a bit more. I thought the steel ones had a knurled centre bead, while brass had the parallel ridges, but I'm not an expert on these.
  13. Morrisman

    Question for bar-band folks, re some song choices

    I presume you have a male singer? Our cover band has both male and female, and she sings most of the recent songs, while he's older and sings 'classics'. We do get a good response from Uptown Funk and Can't Stop the Feeling (J Timberlake). Also Chasing Cars and I'm Yours . We tried Memories by...
  14. Morrisman

    Evans UV coating and brushes

    Excellent for brushes, and it doesn’t wear down over time like most coated heads.
  15. Morrisman

    Best single camera angle for online lessons

    We recently tried to use an old Zoom Q2HD as a webcam, but it wasn‘t compatible with our modern computers - kept dropping out and switching itself off. Test it for several minutes before you commit to using it for paid work.
  16. Morrisman

    Lost some precious stuff.

    That is so frustrating, especially when you knew there was a slight risk but were being thoughtful of others. Frustrating.
  17. Morrisman

    Female Drummers

    We have a year 9 boy at school who plays harp. He’s the only male harpist I’ve ever met. All the others are tall, thin women with long flowing hair. I have an Andreas Vollenweider album, but I’ve never seen him live.
  18. Morrisman

    Alesis Nitro Mesh to Simmons Amp noob question

    Looking up manuals, you can connect them a few ways. The easiest is a single TS guitar lead from the L/mono out to the L/mono in, as electrodrummer suggested. If you want stereo sound, use two guitar leads, also as suggested.
  19. Morrisman

    Alesis Nitro Mesh to Simmons Amp noob question

    My Roland PM-10 has TRS inputs, not for balanced signals but for L/R stereo signals. The amp combines the left and right signals so you don’t lose any of the panned sounds. For that amp you use a TRS to TRS 1/4” cable. I’m guessing the Simmons could be the same, but I’d need to find a manual to...
  20. Morrisman

    Pros and cons of snare strap: mylar strip, cord, grosgrain

    What are people’s opinions on the blue coated wire cords that are supplied with some Puresound snares? I’ve used them on some drums because they’re thin and strong, but they don’t stretch at all and I feel like they might cut a groove into the snare bed.