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  1. Benthedrummer

    U.S Riots

    To all my friends on here who are under threat from these current riots.......please be careful. Myself and my family are thinking of you all. It's an absolute travesty. I beg you all to keep safe.
  2. Benthedrummer

    American football!!!

    Ok. I'm not a big sports fan by any means. However I can understand most world team sports.........aaaaaand then there's American football. Hut! Hut! Run!........stop!, Wait.....start! Safety!! No, it's out! Substitute! Run, stop!......stop, then run. Then game over. This year is the...
  3. Benthedrummer

    What is YOUR strongest quality or skill-set on the kit?

    Hi everyone. We often compare ourselves to big name drummers who are meticulous in their craft which can either make us strive harder or bring us down! Given these difficult times I'd like to get a positive perspective of YOUR OWN strengths on the kit. I'm talking about actual playing here...
  4. Benthedrummer

    A motivational video

    Hi guys. I just found this on YouTube and thought I might share it with you all. A lot of members are doing it tough at the moment. Please don't give up 🤗 I hope that this inspires you all to keep going. Fight the good fight. Don't give this ass of a virus the satisfaction of breaking...
  5. Benthedrummer

    Interesting tuning perspective

    I saw this YouTube video from Rob Beatdown Brown regarding tuning to a specific note. I've been reading some posts on this concept on DW and some members swear by it. What's your perspective on the perspective presented in this video?
  6. Benthedrummer

    1998 TAMA Rockstar Pro advice

    Hi everyone......I hope you are all safe and well during these trying times. I have an opportunity to get a 1998 TAMA Rockstar Pro in amber lacquer. It has 10, 12, 14, 16 inch toms with a 22 x 16 inch bass drum and 14 inch snare. The rack toms have the star cast rim mounts. It has a clear...
  7. Benthedrummer


    Hello everyone. I've been perusing the Hudson Music website and they've got Pat Torpey's ROCK GROOVE DRUMMING DVD available as an instant video download for $9.99 According to the website this DVD was only available in Japan? I was wondering if anyone has got this DVD at all and what your...
  8. Benthedrummer

    Stagg DH 10 inch splash...... SURPRISED!!

    Hello everyone. I went to my local drum shop looking to upgrade my 2 crashes, China and splash. The 2 crashes and the China was all good.....done! Got some new ones....yeah baby! When it came to the splash, I placed my Stagg on a stand and tried out EVERY 10 and 12 inch splash.... Zildjian...
  9. Benthedrummer

    Saw Queen in Perth tonight!!

    Well....what can I say. Queen played in Perth tonight, quite often regarded as the world's most isolated capital city. These guys played at Optus Stadium. It was unbelievable. The theatrics, the SOUND! Roger absolutely still rocks hard. He did a brief, nifty little drum solo.....much...
  10. Benthedrummer

    Clear Evans G14 as the Resonant Head

    Good day to you all. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. I am off to my local drum shop tomorrow morning......they've just got a mother load of Clear Evans G14 drum heads. Anyways, I want to get someone to check over my concept of why I want to get them as both batter and resonant...