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  1. what the funk of it

    Live off the Floor Recordings

    Never actually had the guts to post any of my playing before - so here goes nothing. Just a few songs my band and I recorded a few months ago here in London. We're a simple 3 piece band: guitar/vocal, bass, and me. They're all live off the floor, no click, no overdubs. Its far from perfect...
  2. what the funk of it

    Adventure drums?

    Anyone else seen this guy? Says to use your middle finger but then is seen later in the video playing with an awkward grip adjusting somewhere between the two....
  3. what the funk of it

    Chad Smith or Danny Carey?

    Originally Chickenfoot and Tool were to come to town August 4th and 5th respectively. For one reason or another Chickenfoot has been rescheduled and now both bands play the same night. These are two of my all-time favourite drummers by the way. Seeing as I've already bought my CF ticket and...
  4. what the funk of it

    Advice for a One-Handed drummer

    I've never been much of a Def Leppard fan, but maybe I will learn... After 9 years of snowboarding and another 4 spent on skis, i finally broke a bone. Broke my right wrist last night and boy am i ever upset. Especially since im right haned... Im tryin to be as optimistic as possible so im...
  5. what the funk of it

    Messin' Wid Da Bull

    So I hit up drummerworld today and to my suprise there's about 5 new videos - one including my hero, Bill Cosby. What really got me was the ad for Jeff Salem's new video coming from Hudson Music. I had a few lessons with Jeff last summer, and he's got to be the best teacher I've ever had. He's...
  6. what the funk of it

    Sabian HHX Groove Hats

    I got the opportunity during last night's new years party to try out my buddy's kit. Maybe it was the alcohal, or that suspicious tasting muffin, or even the fact that every other cymbal on the kit was cracked. But man, those 13" HHX Groove Hats were downright dirty! (In a good way) I gotta...
  7. what the funk of it

    Christian Tanna

    He and his brother formed the Canadian rock band: I Mother Earth. I picked up 'Scenery and Fish' the other week and I just love this album. His playing is great, lots of energy and the drum parts are very well thought out. Did I mention he also wrote all the lyrics on that record? Just...
  8. what the funk of it

    Robot Drummer

    This is awesome! One robot drummer accompanied by two exotic pole dancers - also robots. My favourite part was the audience. Enjoy - Edit: They're playing an awesome cover - who can guess the track?