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  1. westicle

    Starting at the Beginning.....After 6 years

    I've been playing for about 6 years now and I've never really learnt any proper technique. I've recently been re inspired with my drumming and I'd like to go back and do what I never did in the first place - actually practice and work on some fundamentals. I play matched grip, my left is WEAK...
  2. westicle

    Snare Drum "Trench" Tuning

    Anyone know what this is? Saw a drummer on Saturday who had the best snare sound I've ever heard. Very sharp crack with absolutely tons of mid and bottom. Very powerful. He said he used the Trench or Trenching technique which he described as have the bottom head fairly loose but really...
  3. westicle

    Strong Double Pedal for HEAVY Left Foot Playing

    I'm learning to play open handed on a right handed set up so I'm using my left hand for hi-hat and crash on left side and right hand for crash and ride on the right side. I'm also playing with my left foot when I'm playing open handed so I'm not doing super fast double pedals but I am playing...
  4. westicle

    PDP Platinum second thoughts

    I eventually got my PDP platinum kit after too long a wait towards the end of last year. I was initially very happy with it because I had moved from a starter kit up to an awesome kit. I'm having second thoughts now though and wanted to get some feedback and see if anyone else had similar...
  5. westicle

    Unkown Snare

    Hi guys n gals Can anyone identify this snare? It was given to me years ago and I stopped using it once the snare wires broke because I couldn't find replacements.
  6. westicle

    Mic Choice on a budget (overheads)

    Hi By band is looking to do some recording soon. I can't afford studio time and nor can I afford mics but I figure mics are a better investment if I'm gonna gather a little bit of debt. I'm gonna get an AKG D12 for the kick and I can borrow enought SM57s or Beta 98s (I think) for the snare and...
  7. westicle

    Jeff Indyke Stick Grip

    Does Jeff wear some kind of grip thing? I just saw some stuff on YouTube and it almost looked like his sticks had a cross guard like a sword!
  8. westicle

    What to do with broken cymbals?

    I have a bunch of broken cymbals. Can they be recycled? Do the manufactures take them back?