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    Aoyama Hideki - awesome drummer!

    Some of you may have heard of this BabyMetal thing. It's J-pop with (mostly) metal style backing. The drumming on the albums is programmed, but they had to find a guy to play this stuff live, and they certainly did! His name is Aoyama Hideki. I'm not a metal fan, so I don't know the current...
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    Gary O'Toole w/ Steve Hackett

    Steve Hackett doing his "Genesis Revisited" thing (and very well, I might add). The drums are very well recorded for a live event, and drummer Gary O'Toole gets to have increasingly busy fun through this section: O'Toole does a damn good job on all this...
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    Simon Phillips - early days

    Mike Rutherford (Genesis bassist / guitarist) recorded his first solo album in 1979, and the drummer he chose was Simon Phillips. I had heard of Simon at the time but not yet heard his playing. This track shows just how tight and precise he was, which for that time was a bit of a revelation...
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    Simon Phillips - early days

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    Good exercise for odd-time / tuplets

    Hey all, For a long time I did the standard thing: set the metronome, and then play succeeding bars of 1/4s, 8ths, triplets, 16s, triplet 16s, and finish with 32s. Looks just like this (borrowed from " Easy peasy. But a while ago I thought "hey, why are fives and...