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  1. V-Four

    Fades - orientation / direction ?

    Hey Gang, Just a random curiosity about “fades” on drums. Personally I really like them (usually), but theres a thing I noticed that sorta drives me crazy, and I’m wondering what the forums thoughts are on the subject. I did search for answers, and came up empty, other than a couple “example”...
  2. V-Four

    XS20 SPLASH?

    Hey gang.. Im lookin for a good splash. Standard fare. Quick and gets out da way. I tried some 100$ plus "pro level" splashes at local GC that don't sound like they worth the 100$ their asking.(at least from what i belive a splash shld sound like.) I noticed xs20 10" on sale (closeout)? by...
  3. V-Four

    Zildjian ping ride question..

    Hey gang, great place you got here. I have a 'quick' question about ping rides..and maybe the timeline. I am interested in a 20" ping (A series, not A custom). Like the sound clips and all that. I found a deal on what 'the center' is calling an A series ping ride. In the photos, it only...