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  1. Brundlefly

    My one of a kind SuperSolid snare

    Just arrived. A 13 x 7 x 3/8 SuperSolid with a Cherry middle and Maple edges. This drum is a first for DW, having never done a 13 x 7 SuperSolid, let alone in the edge format. It is currently the only one of its kind. Oh yeah, it sounds pretty damned good too.
  2. Brundlefly

    List of best lists of best things

    The ultimate list of best things lists. Here's mine: Best drums. Best cymbal. Best pedal. Best drummer. Best drummer who isn't really one of the best but happens to be recently and (probably inexplicably) popular. Best internet cover drummer with an NP replica kit, who also wears one of those...
  3. Brundlefly

    NAMM 2011 — Brundlefly Photo Blog

    Part one is up with much more on the way. Focus this year was on more juicy drum shots and less "other stuff" due to work deadlines and failing body parts. You can get to the main site here. Or skip my wordy BS, and go directly to NAMM 2011 Part 1, featuring Mapex, Taye, Diril, Truth and...
  4. Brundlefly

    Drum Studio Project 3.0

    It's game on here in Foothill Ranch with the new studio build under way. It's going to be bigger, better, quieter with lots of new concepts to cover. And this time I get to keep it. The fist installment, Studio 3.0 Preflight coverage is now up. This week, we look at the new wall design and how...
  5. Brundlefly

    NAMM 2010 show coverage

    Since my studio project is on hold, I figured I would take my camera, my trusty wide angle lens and head to NAMM for some in depth photographic coverage of the show from end to end. Everything drum related, including some coverage of drum mics, mic mounting, pre-amps and monitoring systems...
  6. Brundlefly

    Snarey Xmas

    Dunnett Claus gave me everything I asked (paid) for this year. And I didn't even have to sit on his lap. Probably a good thing for both of us. Anyway, its time to meet two new sexy additions to my drum kit, Silken and Kober. Silken features a 5x14 polished stainless steel shell and MetalWood...
  7. Brundlefly

    Drum studio project

    I just started work on a new studio. I've noticed a lot of folks asking questions about how to go about this kind of thing in the past. So, this time, I decided to document the entire thing on a daily basis (or reasonably close to it). Lots of pictures, plan details and problem case coverage...
  8. Brundlefly

    Hollywood Drum Show

    Today was day 1 of the show. I decided to see what it was all about and took my camera along. So, while you're all waiting for Ron Dunnett to do a much better job, here's a link to my own coverage of this event to tide you over. Hollywood Drum Show - 2009 Overall the show was smaller than I...
  9. Brundlefly

    Update to my DW kit

    Inspired by the Big Kit vs Small Kit thread, I added six 8" Rata-toms in maple, color matched to the rest of my kit. These are the only 8" Rata-toms DW has ever produced. They use a mix of laminate styles (X-shell, VLT and standard) to achieve a very smooth pitch distribution. Enjoy...
  10. Brundlefly

    My 'dubs

    Hey, I'm new here. A refugee from the forum. I've been watching videos on DW for a while but never really knew that there was such a great forum lurking in the background. Seems like a pretty mature vibe here so far and tons of great info. Anyway, figured I'd kick off with a post on...