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  1. KDB

    gloves for drummers

    well I have been playing for 5 years, but the blisters only started earlier this year. and lately I haven't had allot of time for drumming so when I do I get blisters.
  2. KDB

    gloves for drummers

    so I have little baby hands and need some gloves to keep myself from getting blisters. when I'm done playing ill have painful blisters and some times I'll literals leave some blood on the kit and sticks, so I just need some recommendations on drumming gloves.
  3. KDB

    what kind of tom heads should I use?

    I have a Yamaha 9000 drum set with really old tom heads, and I need new ones but I'm not sure what kind to get. I need one 13in head, one 15in head and one 18in head. im looking for some heads with a deep sound and good action/ bounce. It's been a wile since I've looked at tom heads so I was...