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  1. Garvin

    INDe Drums Jazz Kit

    Hey all, It's been a long time since I've posted, and even longer since I bought a kit worth showing, but here is a beautiful custom built jazz kit from INDe Drum Lab Josh Allen used to work for Ludwig and developed a bunch of cool lug and mount technology of his own...
  2. Garvin

    Kalimba and Drumset

    Hey all, been a while since I posted anything here, but I've been playing a lot of kalimba lately. Came up with this progression, and shot a quick video this weekend. Here's what I used: Kit - Sonor Safari w/ Tama 12inch snare Kalimba - Hugh Tracey...
  3. Garvin

    Neo Soul - New Project

    Hey all, been a while since I've posted anything. I know video is all the rage these days, but I just got 3 recordings back from the studio from the other weekend. Nothing special, but a great guitar player. Quick 5 hour session with no real plan. One cover, and two originals whipped together...
  4. Garvin

    Larnell Lewis

    Amazing drummer I just got turned on to via youtube... Always surprised by folks I've never heard of. The irony is that he's played on a couple albums I have, but I just never read the liner notes. Larnell Lewis The opening of this video is incredible. The rest of it is mostly stupid...
  5. Garvin

    Anyone have tips for syncing video and audio?

    Hey all, I've been in the studio a bunch over the last year or so and have really wanted to make a well-edited multi-camera video of a recording. Does anyone have a youtube tutorial link they'd suggest, or any experince they can share in this regard? Basically, I want to sync the video from 3-4...
  6. Garvin

    My band's new promo video

    Hey all, it's been a hectic summer of festivals and gigs (and work and family) but I just put together a little promo video using random footage paired with a track from our previous EP and figured I'd share it here. Enjoy! (or not) Incidentally if anyone has any...
  7. Garvin

    Afro-Cuban play along track for the forum.

    Hey guys, I actually made this for working on timbale and conga rhythms, but you could use it for drum kit as well. I arranged this in Ableton yesterday. Give it a listen, or download it. Let me know what you think.
  8. Garvin

    Andre Boyd

    I took my family to see Cirque du Soleil this weekend. The show was "Quidam". I've seen a couple of these in Vegas, but this is the first "road show" I ever went to. Of course I was humbled and quite frankly felt like a fat American watching these sinewy gods and goddesses contort and fly across...
  9. Garvin

    Ultimate Drum Camp

    I rarely if ever click on ads from facebook, but this one got me... I'm not affiliated with this event, nor am I attending but holy smokes is this a powerhouse of drummers worth learning from or what?
  10. Garvin

    "Mr. Bobby" a Manu Chao cover tune

    Hey all, one of my bands just played the Michigan Winter Beer Festival in Grand Rapids, and some of it got recorded. Here's the tune. It's a version of "Mr. Bobby" by Manu Chao. I'm singing and playing kit.
  11. Garvin

    Please help me find a cool groove in 7/4

    Hey all, I searched, and can't believe I found no results for this specifically... Anyway, I'm playing this tune (see below), and need to come up with a groove in 7. There's a lot to wade through on youtube, so if anyone has any favorites or any other suggestions, please share. I'm gonna shed...
  12. Garvin

    Mozambique - Samba (Not Drum Kit)

    We have been messing with combining the main parts of mozambique with the low drum parts in samba (on the tumbas)... These are the "traditional" mozambique parts as taught by Pello el Afrokan with some contemporary variations.
  13. Garvin

    My Trixon Cocktail Kit (Cocktail Craze of 2011)

    Must be something in the water indeed... Well, this isn't nearly as cool looking as DMC's Tiki-Kit, but I did just buy myself a new Trixon Cocktail kit. I posted a couple of videos on youtube, and I wanted to offer a bit of my own insight into playing one of these things, as well as a little...
  14. Garvin

    Afro-Cuban Conga Playing

    Here is a quick couple of clips from a promo video I'm shooting for the Afro-Cuban group I play with. I'm on the far right in both videos. The solo phrasing is being played to my right. I know I always say...
  15. Garvin

    Video of recent performance Djembe/Tabla

    Hey all. I promise to put some drum set stuff up here soon, but here are a couple of excerpts from a recent performance I gave at a local arts center. This is a traditional rhythm called "Kakilambe". It's just the portion of my solo (I'm in the middle)...
  16. Garvin

    Yamaha Oak Custom 18X15 Bass

    I'm not one for posting pointless threads, but as someone with severe GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) it is hard for me not to brag about a recent purchase. I ordered an 18" bass for my Oak Custom kit, and just got it in the mail. It looks awesome. Yamaha makes such great looking drums. I...
  17. Garvin

    Asked to sample my drums...

    I got a really cool call on Saturday. A guy who runs a recording studio was at one of my shows and called me out of the blue to ask if I could bring my kit over to his studio so he could sample my drums. He said I had one of the best sounding live kits he's heard. I took great pride in that...
  18. Garvin

    One of my bands on TV! Just thought I'd share a link to one of our hour long community TV shows. This is one of the bands I play in called "Charlie's Root Fusion"... We have this recurring show now called the "Charlie's Root Fusion...
  19. Garvin

    My 1964 Ludwig Jazz kit!

    Okay, I spent a few hours last night obsessing and converted a 16" floor tom into a bass, then used the 12 and 13" rack toms and original snare from my very first drum set, a silver sparkle 1964 Ludwig. It sounds friggin' awesome. This was the first kit I ever played (not pictured are the 22"...
  20. Garvin

    My Oak Custom in Honey Amber with Wood Hoops.

    Will be arriving shortly... Sorry, couldn't wait. I'm starting this thread out of the sheer excitement and anticipation. The specs are as follows: 20 X 17 Bass 10 X 8 Tom 14 X 14 Floor Tom 13 X 9 Pearl Limited Mahogony snare... I have natural maple hoops coming for the toms and a...