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  1. beastdrummagirl

    Maggot Brain this is a cover... and a totally different version of Funkadelic's Maggot Brain! Check it out! :)
  2. beastdrummagirl

    2 Drummers.

    Quick question everyone: I have a gig coming up that involves my band and another teen band playing together. We thankfully don't have to play an entire set of songs together for this gig but we have one song that we have to play together. The guy who is heading up this gig is requiring that all...
  3. beastdrummagirl

    First Cajon Cover - No Light, No Light - Florence and The Machine

    Hey guys! this is an update on me as well as a cover on my new cajon. Let me know what you think. The camera and sound quality is less than to be desired. PS: If anyone has any suggestions on tuning cajons, please PM me! Thanks again!
  4. beastdrummagirl

    First YouTube Vid.

    Ok. I don't have a good enough camera to film a set cover without distortion but I did record a conga cover of Second Dryades by Galactic. I would love to hear the constructive critism or anything really :) thanks guys, BDG
  5. beastdrummagirl

    Different Snare Choices

    Ok. I was looking into some new snares due to the degeneration of my current one (oops!). I was thinking The Black Out Snare (PDP), The Metal Works Snare (Tama), or Pork Pie's Acrylic Snare. The only difference between these snares is that I've actually played the Metal Works but I was just...
  6. beastdrummagirl

    Snare Position

    iight. I'm curious. Where do you all position your snare in your kit? Do you prefer it to be straight or kinda tilted to a certain side? When you play, do you use more than one snare? I like my snare positioned like this: what about ya'll?
  7. beastdrummagirl

    Enthusiasm while playing gigs.

    Hi everyone, I have my first "gig" (actually being paid a small amount) and due to the style of music we play, everyone is head banging and doing cool little jumps and flips.. etc. I am behind the set so about the only thing i can do is head bang a little and also stand on my bass drum but thats...
  8. beastdrummagirl

    Double bass pedal.... need help!

    I am going to be auditionin for a band soon and they play heavy metal (mostly devil wears prada) and i need major major help! NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY DB!!! can yall give me some tips.... preferably soon! :) thanks yall! Love, BDG
  9. beastdrummagirl

    Am I the only drummer that has tried the bass with their left foot???!!???

    Are there any drummers that play their bass drum with their left foot???!!!??? I do it once in a while and I was wondering if yall had ever done it. thanks,beastdrummagirl
  10. beastdrummagirl

    who does your favorite drum solo?

    hey yall, yes, we all know you have a favorite drum solo. The problem is, we don't know who plays it or what song it is in!! SO..... PLEASE, INFORM US WITH YOUR DRUM KNOWLEDGE!!!! My favorites are John Bonham's Moby Dick and Gene Krupa's Sing, Sing, Sing.
  11. beastdrummagirl

    What is our fav. song to play drums to?

    What Is your fav. drum song? here are the top ten of my faves: 1. Repunzel-Dave Matthews Band 2. Witchy Woman-Eagles 3. Hotel California-Eagles 4. Those Shoes-Eagles 5. Moby Dick-Ledzepplin 6. Life In The Fast Lane-Eagles 7. Midnight Flyer-Eagles 8. Heart Ache Tonight-Eagles 9. Victim Of...
  12. beastdrummagirl

    Need help choosing my next pair of sticks!

    Hey yall, I need help choosing my next pair of sticks because well..... I cracked 2 pairs playing heavy metal on my acoustic then broke them when playing at church. This is ironic, both pairs were zildjian which I love but I can't keep wasting big money (and big money is above $15 for a pair of...
  13. beastdrummagirl

    Wanted to tell you about my kit!!!

    To view pics of my set, you must go to my profile and go to albums to see three pics. I also don't know the size of my toms but i know the cymbals size!!! I have PDP hardware, I have Sabian cymbals, and my set is a Pearl. The Cymbals consist of a 14"/36cm hi-hat, a 10"/25cm splash cymbal, and a...