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  1. Up2Speed

    New Duluth Bronze Snare

    I just received my Duluth 6 1/2 X 14 bronze snare shell and hoops and they are fantastic!! Excellent workmanship. Very Powerful. I copied the lugs from one of the other members here. I just think they look good on this shell so I went with them. The photos don't do it justice....Excellent...
  2. Up2Speed

    Corey Feldman....Proceed with Caution

    I unfortunately saw it this morning.... The real good stuff starts at about the 1:45 mark. I am at a loss for words.
  3. Up2Speed

    Something Special Has Arrived Part 2

    This is a late followup regarding the replacement snare drum I received from Andy. More photos and details later.
  4. Up2Speed

    Feel/Rebound Single vs. Two Ply Kick Batter

    I have not played a single ply kick batter in years. I would appreciate feedback regarding feel and rebound in regard to playing a double pedal. Is it generally easier to play fast double pedal with a single or two ply head? I know tuning is a big factor. My guess is that a two ply head...
  5. Up2Speed

    Something Special Has Arrived

    Do you have any guesses?
  6. Up2Speed

    Trick Retrofit Driveshaft Review

    I recently purchased the Trick retrofit driveshaft for my new DW 9002 double pedal. I was very pleased with the feel of the DW shaft. I have owned the Pearl Demon Drive and now the Demon Chain. I recently learned that Pearl licensed the u-joint design from Trick so that made me want to check...
  7. Up2Speed

    DW 4th Anniversary Snare Questions

    I have some questions about the 40th Anniversary Snare: I have seen pictures of various ones and some have the inlays of the tree and some don't. Are they only on one side or do some just not have the inlays? I have seen 14 X 6, 7, & 8 inch sizes. I have seen that only 40 will be made...
  8. Up2Speed

    Review of Multiple Double Pedals

    Three years ago I stared playing after 20 plus years off. I did not play double bass back then so I had no experience. I have been playing a Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide double pedal on my Roland kit and a Pearl Demon Drive on my acoustic kit. I really like both pedals but I could not quite...
  9. Up2Speed

    Thank you EvansSpecialist!!!

    I recently installed a new Emad 2 batter head and Emad Reso head. I have had them or a couple of years so the Reso has the old style muffling ring. I like the look of the new style much better. I looked online for the new style ring but had no luck so I emailed Ben to see if I could purchase...
  10. Up2Speed

    Pearl Throne Thumper

    I am looking for feedback on the Pearl Throne Thumper. I have not been able to find much information about it. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Up2Speed

    Best bass beater for Roland KD 8?

    I have the KD 8 kick drum trigger and noticed that the head is wearing. I use Iron Cobra felt beaters. I have read on other forums the rubber ones work well but there are some problems with Tama's rubber beaters. Roland recommends plastic but Tama does not make a plastic beater for the IC...
  12. Up2Speed

    My New Ruby Glass DW Set

    Here are some photos of my new (purchased December 2009) Collectors DW Kit in Ruby Glass. 10 x 8, 12 x 9, 14 x 12, 16 x 14, 22 x 18, 14 x 5.5. 14" Zildjian HH, 18" Zildjian Med Thin Crash, 16" Sabian AA Med Crash, 16" Zildjian Projection Crash, 22 Sabian Paragon Ride. 20" Mienl Raker Ride...
  13. Up2Speed

    Comparison of Paragon 22" ride and AAX 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride?

    I recently purchased a 22" Paragon ride. Excellent cymbal. The next day I tried out a 21" AAX Raw Bell Dry ride at a different store. I liked it as well and probably would have bought it but I found the Paragon first. Now it's driving me crazy and I want the AAX too! Has anyone had the...
  14. Up2Speed

    In search of info about Drum Workshop shell date stamping

    I purchased a new Drum Workshop Colletors set in December of 2009. While inspecting a DW set the store I purchased from had on the floor I noticed that all of the shells had a 2007 date stamp. None of the shells in my set have a date stamp. I emailed DW and they said that they stopped...
  15. Up2Speed

    Why are posts in threads in reverse order?

    This is the only forum I've been on where the most recent post in a thread is the first one at the top of the first page. Can I change it so the first post is the first to be read and so on?
  16. Up2Speed

    Best Seattle Drum Shops?

    I'm making a trip to Seattle next week and would like to know which shops are worth the time and effort to visit. I will not have time to visit more that 2 to 4 shops. I'll go to Guitar Center for sure simply for large inventory and selection. Thanks!!
  17. Up2Speed

    Looking for info about Drum Workshop heads

    I would like to know the thickness of the clear DW batter heads made by Remo. I can't find specs anywhere. Also, what heads by Remo and Evans would be the equal to them? How do Evans EC2 SST's compare to them in regards to sound? Thanks!
  18. Up2Speed

    Cowbells-Gon Bops Red Rock & LP Ridge Rider

    I have both on order. I can't find any feedback on the Red Rock but lots on the Ridge Riders. Your opions on either will be helpful.
  19. Up2Speed

    Has anyone used Tightscrew Tension Lugs?

    Hello, first post here. I have Tightscrew tension lugs ordered for my snare drum. Has anyone used them? Your feedback is appreciated.