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  1. pmancuso

    Not easy

    I'm all over the place 838 to 920. There's lag time on the keyboard.
  2. pmancuso

    Problems with Ludwig Atlas Arch Rail

    Or you can add even more weight by putting another bracket and their classic telescoping cymbal holder on the other side for the retro look. Between that and the ride cymbal it won't lift up, I've done it.
  3. pmancuso

    Now that Tama has Discontinued the Flexi-Drive

    What is another comparable pedal as far as CAM and lightness. I have been playing that pedal for 20 years, I always thought it was the best of the 3 but.... I'm not familiar with playing any other pedal so if someone could chime in with their thoughts I'd appreciate it. I know most people will...
  4. pmancuso


    I put coated G-2's on my Legacies and although they sound good I find to me that they feel mushy, not great rebound also maybe these drums need to be tuned higher than I'm used to, I tune in the middle not low or high. What I'm asking is is this common for Evans.
  5. pmancuso

    Ludwig Legacy Metal Hoops

    I was at a GC about a month ago and noticed the hoops on a Signet kit they had there were thicker than the ones on my Legacy kit. Is this deliberate so the Legacies have the same thinner ones as the original vintage drums, anyone... That would seem to be the only reason to do this.
  6. pmancuso


    Why is it on concert video and an on t.v. a lot of times all that is present are the vocals and lead guitar? I hate watching a drummer hit his drums and cymbals and they are totally silent in most cases, maybe a wisp of the snare and that's about it not even any kick or bass guitar. Grant it...
  7. pmancuso

    Replacement Strainer for Ludwig P85/86

    Here's a new stainer by Dunnett specifically for the P85's and 86's, has cut out for the shell bead. It doesn't look the part but I'm sure works 100x's better, it swivals too. If anyone ever does use it give some feedback.
  8. pmancuso

    Problem with Atlas Arch

    I know a few of you have the Arch installed on your bass drum as I do but have you taken your kits out for gigs with them? The reason for this is I just had mine out for the second time last night and for the second time the 2 rods that are secured with the hex screws were loose when I went to...
  9. pmancuso

    Heads for Legacy Classics?

    I am in the process of changing out the Ludwig heads on my new legacies. I put coated ambassadors T&B of my 13 and it sounds airy and boingy. I read somewhere else that someone said these drums don't like double ply and was wondering if anyone who owns them can give me some feedback regarding...
  10. pmancuso

    Double Bass at Home vs. at the Gig

    Has anyone encountered being able to play the bouble bass better at home than at a gig and sometimes the pedals feeling differently than they do at home. I could be wrong but I think the temperature and humidity (or not) affect the head and the springs (coefficient of expansion) and can screw...
  11. pmancuso

    Size? Bass drum bag for 14x24 with 3 Atlas brackets

    If anyone owns a 14x24 with the atlas brackets can you tell me the best brand and size bag. I'm thinking a 26" since the drum with the brackets it measures 29", a 26" Protection Racket case measures 29 1/2" inside. I sort of answered my own question but has anyone had success with a smaller bag.