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    Ever keep using a beater kit after getting new gear?

    So a few months ago I joined a new band with a bunch of shows lined up (bad timing). I decided that since I was going to be somewhat active again it was time to get a new kit. I purchased a nice Sonor maple kit to replace my older basswood one and a set of HHX cymbals to replace my XSR and AAs...
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    S Hoops

    For those with experience with S-Hoops have you found that they produce a louder, more powerful snare sound than triple flange? Thanks.
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    Tama Big Black Steel

    Anyone here have any experience with the Tama Big Black Steel 14x8 snare? The band I'm currently playing in is very loud. I am cutting though a bit better with the Yamaha Stage Custom Steel 14X6.5 better than with my brass snares but was wondering if the Tama would be any louder. I don't have a...
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    Gibraltar 4700 series hardware

    Anyone have any experience with this series? Wanting to lighten up my hardware bag and have heard good things about the Yamaha 600 series and Tama Stage Master series but not much about these. Thanks.
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    Pork Pie BOB

    HI, Has anyone with this snare tried switching to die cast hoops? If so what was your experience? Thanks
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    Single Pedal

    What is generally considered the fastest single pedal?