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  1. beatdat

    What have you learned here?

    Among the many things I've learned here, if I had to only pick one, it would be the importance of subdividing and counting out loud while practicing, or, more generally, that timing - and developing good time - starts in the brain. It's been a contentious issue around these parts, but I'm a firm...
  2. beatdat

    Looking for a power amp for vocals

    Good point! The 15" speakers are mine and my bass player's, so we're looking into an amp for them. The 12" speakers belong to the band we're sharing the space with, and they have an amp for it. It's not a very good amp, though, and it can barely push the 12" speakers, so if we can get an amp...
  3. beatdat

    Looking for a power amp for vocals

    Yorkville is (I'm pretty sure) a Canadian brand. It's pretty ubiquitous around my parts, and seems respected enough, but I can't say I've ever heard anyone rave about their products. Good point on the 1/4 jacks, and the cooling fan, too! While it gets pretty damn cold here in the winter time...
  4. beatdat

    Looking for a power amp for vocals

    Interesting take. I'll be heading into the space tonight and take photos of the 15" speakers, and then post them here tomorrow. To clarify, are you suggesting putting the 15" speakers on the floor as monitors, and using the 12" speakers on their stands as mains?
  5. beatdat

    Looking for a power amp for vocals

    I appreciate the resource, thanks! Yeah, I have a cursory understand of the importance of matching impedances - which I once learned the hard way. Fortunately, my drum teacher also has a solid knowledge of these kinds of things, but it's been so long that he's been in the market for such...
  6. beatdat

    Looking for a power amp for vocals

    My band has found a new rehearsal space, and I'm looking for suggestions on a suitable power amp to buy that will handle vocals well. The room itself is about 18' x 22', with 8.5' ceilings. We have 2x 15" Yorkville speaker cabinets that we will use as the main vocal speakers, and 2x 12"...
  7. beatdat

    Under Rated Guitarists

    Has anyone mentioned Prince? The man was a monster guitar player.
  8. beatdat

    Singles in heel toe technique.

    Do those songs require heel-toe technique? I'm pretty sure they can be played with good ole' fashioned ankle strokes, no?
  9. beatdat

    Slow practice really works

    Like most things in life, there's both an art and a science to drumming; but where science dictates what you do, art lies in what you don't. My teacher told me early on that it's not what you play, but how you play it - anything can, and should, groove. It took me a long time for to get that...
  10. beatdat

    Snares with 2 snare tension adjustments

    Yeah, I think dual tension adjustments results in a more consistent response around the drum, but what do I know? Pretty sure my Pearl free-floating snare drum has them, but I haven’t played it in awhile so I’ll have to check next time I’m at the rehearsal space.
  11. beatdat

    Uninformed Drummer Dad | Snare Question

    So, both?
  12. beatdat

    Under Rated Guitarists

    For sure. Always saw him as the John Paul Jones of Rush.
  13. beatdat

    Question regarding metronome practice with sheet music

    You should work on making any beat work at any tempo, while keeping in mind that the same beat will feel different at different speeds. Impatience with slower tempos is usually a sign of musical immaturity, and is sometimes the result of one's arrogance in believing that slower tempos are easy...
  14. beatdat

    Uninformed Drummer Dad | Snare Question

    If you truly want to reward him for his efforts, let him play whenever he wants, whether that be all day or all night.
  15. beatdat

    Changing name/deleting account

    You can probably delete your account, but you've already been immortalized on the internet. And you can probably change your name, too, but we'll always remember who you are. Why the pathos?
  16. beatdat

    Evans EQ Pad

    I have an Evans EQ pad in my 22" TAMA Silverstar bass drum, but it barely touches the head; the top of it is maybe an inch or two from the bottom of the drum. I like it, and it does its job on my bass drum, but I'm thinking you should be able to tune and leave a 20" bass drum wide open. What...
  17. beatdat

    Under Rated Guitarists

    I also think Phil Manzanera from Roxy Music doesn't get the credit he deserves.
  18. beatdat

    Under Rated Guitarists

    If so, I'm tempted to see her live.
  19. beatdat

    Under Rated Guitarists

    Saw the thread title, and I was going to say Steve Hackett. If you haven't heard it already, his solo album from a few years after this, Voyage of the Acolyte, is great. Take a listen.
  20. beatdat

    Tambourine Throwdown!

    I like the tambourine, but if you're going to play it, you should know what you're doing because you'll be cutting through every other instrument. I don't know why, but a lot of people seem to think they can easily pick it up and play it; most can't. Some songs I like with it: King Crimson's...