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  1. danplaysdrums

    Pedal Technique problem?

    Recently I snapped the foot board of my Sonor 400 pedal. I have used it for about a year and a half and was brand new when I first bought it. I play reasonably hard and have a tendency to 'bury the beater' mostly when playing. I normally use alot of power behind my kick drum and play heel up...
  2. danplaysdrums

    Drum Practice Clips (new video) A few clips of me practicing. This was originally filmed just so that I could self evaluate my playing, but I figured that I might as well put it up online to get some feedback and constructive criticism. Enjoy! * Apologies for the bad audio/video...
  3. danplaysdrums

    Daniel Newcombe on drums (young drummers first video)

    Hello everyone, I just thought I would upload a quick video of me playing so that I can get some constructive criticism and helpful feed back. This is just me goofing off, doing some chops and a couple grooves. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks in advance. Daniel...
  4. danplaysdrums

    Evans vs. Remo

    Someone had to say it. Do you prefer Evans or Remo, and why?
  5. danplaysdrums

    Young Drummer looking to begin session work

    Hello All. I'm Daniel, I'm 13 and have been playing for 7 years. I can lock in solidly with the click and can play all styles. I am a decent sight-reader with good knowledge and experience of drum theory and reading drum charts. I'm looking to start doing sessions in my local area...
  6. danplaysdrums

    Live Electronics

    Hello All I was wondering what your opinions are on live electronics. Do you prefer to use a sample pad? If so, which model/make and why? - Are you a triggers kinda guy, or one who uses backing tracks? I was just interested as this seems like an interesting and relevant topic in correlation...
  7. danplaysdrums


    Hey guys, I am looking to soundproof my practice room, on a budget. In this room I will be practising drums alot and recording. I am aware there are many brands of acoustic panneling on the market, and are great for stopping overtones and reverb, but I have been told they do not actually block...
  8. danplaysdrums

    Cracked 16" Zildjian ZHT Fast Crash

    Hey guys, below is an image of my Zildjian ZHT 16" fast CRACK! As you can see there's daylight coming through the circumference of the bell where it's cracked. I've had this cymbal for 18 months and I've always taken the best care of it (always carried in hard case). I'm gutted as it's...
  9. danplaysdrums

    New Hi-hat stand

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy I new hi hat stand and I was wondering which ones you would reccomend. The only specificity I have is that it has to have a quite long rod, and be a rotating leg stand. I currently have a sonor 100 series hi hat stand, but I am quickly growing out of it as the rod...
  10. danplaysdrums

    Drum dampening/muffling techniques

    Hey guys, what are your favourite methods of dampening your drum heads? The most effective methods Ive used have to be moon gel and Evans E-rings. These block out just enough resonance with out "killing" the sound of the head.