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  1. DrummerSneed

    Blues band that I am in

    Here are some vids of a blues band I have been in for little more than a year. I have been playing with the guitarist for a little while longer than that first in a Led Zeppelin tribute band and then a classic rock cover band. We still do the covers gigs for money and then the blues thing for...
  2. DrummerSneed

    Tall Cool One-the Zeppelin/Plant tribute band I am in. This is just a promo. You don't see me much. I hope there will be full songs posted soon. One of the reasons we do Plant solo stuff as well as the Zepp stuff is because the rest of the band looks nothing like Zeppelin. Although, I could put on a wig and and pull off...
  3. DrummerSneed

    14 year old "Amy Winehouse"

    14 year old "Amy Winehouse" Let me know what you think The singer in these videos is my brother's, who plays bass, next door neighbor. Her brother is one of the trumpet players. She wants to play a talent show but needed a video to submit so my brother recruited some people including...